Easter Egg Crafting

With Easter fast-approaching, Easter bonnet-making on our agenda for school and eggs in all of the shops, I decided to get the kids set up one afternoon last week with this little Easter egg crafting station, all ready and waiting for them when we returned from the school run….

easter egg crafting

It was a hit, and they were both very excited and intrigued. The task was simple enough, to create their own Easter egg picture, based on the real-life creme egg model there, with any and all of the materials available to them. And to make it even more interesting, the best picture would be awarded the prize of eating the egg. (I did have two eggs ready for them really, I’m not that cruel!)

easter egg crafting session

There was a lot of glue, glitter and sparkles, which means that they both thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Here is Boo’s finished work of art….

boo's easter egg picture

And this is Little Man’s….

little man's easter egg picture

They were both so proud of their pictures and couldn’t wait to show Daddy when he arrived home.

It was such a simple activity to set up and explain to them both, with lots of scope for creativity, which they always enjoy.

This is our contribution to The Eggs Factor, a fun competition being run by Cadbury Gifts Direct, celebrating the little eggs this Easter, the yummy creme egg!

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  1. Such a cute idea. We’re on a Easter craft mission too this week. So many ideas and so little time.

    Thanks for linking up with our Parenting Pin It Party x

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