Easter Fun with Cadbury Peter Rabbit!

Oh my, we had the BEST delivery last week, a bundle full of Cadbury Easter eggs. Can there be anything better than being picked up from school and told that when you get home you’ll be having some Easter fun and going on an Easter egg hunt? Not your average Wednesday afternoon, so the kids were thrilled!

We kicked it off by getting their Easter bonnets ready, and then they happily donned them and embarked upon their Easter egg hunt. They were beyond excited!

I hid the eggs around the house, and had fun playing ‘warmer/colder’ with them. This is when I could remember where I’d hidden them, though – they might have found an extra egg about an hour after the hunt ended as I’d forgotten all about it!

My kids love chocolate, so they were very happy finding their eggs, but the excitement really went up a notch when they spotted Peter Rabbit on the packaging and then they received….

Little Man has been going on about wanting to see the new Peter Rabbit film and we have seen the trailer for it more times than I can count, so Peter Rabbit combined with chocolate was a huge hit.

Is it just me, or do Easter eggs just have to be Cadbury? Yes, I know I am writing this post in collaboration with Cadbury, but they are simply the best and I always pick up Cadbury Easter eggs for the kids. I am very partial to a Buttons egg myself. Oh, and I like Creme eggs. Oh, and those Dairy Milk Egg ‘n’ Spoons. OK, OK, so they all taste good!

This year, Cadbury have also released an Easter Egg Hunt Super Pack including Dairy Milk hollow eggs, Mini Eggs and Dairy Milk bunnies for £6.99, just grab one of those and get hiding the eggs!

And what better way to end an Easter egg hunt than by sitting down with some chocolate and watching the Peter Rabbit cartoon?

They adore their new cuddly Peter Rabbits, and they plan to take them with them when they go to see the new film at the cinema with Nanny and Grandad over the holidays. I do like the idea of a gift like this with an Easter egg, they’re priced at £6.99 and Flopsy Rabbit is also available. They are just the right size to be carried around with them, and me, as I had Peter in my bag just this morning as he needed to come on the school run with us apparently. They are sweet and a Peter Rabbit along with delicious chocolate has gone down very well here.

To get going with Easter egg hunts in your house, you can download a re-adaptation of The Tale of the Great Bunny created by Cadbury 20 years ago. It celebrates The Easter Bunny and encourages families across the nation to take part in their own magical Easter Egg Hunts together over the Easter season. There are also some lovely Easter puzzles available to download, along with hunt props and signs and some tasty recipes to try. Yum!

Would your kids enjoy these, too? What’s your favourite Cadbury Easter treat?

Disclosure: In Sponsorship with Cadbury

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