Easter at Hatton Adventure World

Yesterday was a good day as yesterday saw us visiting Hatton Adventure World in glorious sunshine.

It truly felt like spring, with the sun shining brightly. The kids were excited to be visiting and all they wanted to do was run and run, exploring everywhere, playing in every single play area in sight (and there are many at Hatton) and adoring all of the animals encountered.

We were there for their Spring Spectacular which runs until 10th April. It included an Easter Egg Hunt, Easter Bunny Hunt (find the bunnies dotted around and write down their favourite colours), sheep racing, hawk shows, a magic show, a puppet show, meeting spring arrivals and so much more.

Easter at Hatton Adventure World

Easter at Hatton Adventure World 1

Easter at Hatton Adventure World baby goats

It was Good Friday and the only sunny day forecast over the Easter weekend so we weren’t the only ones who decided to visit – it was very busy. But the good thing about Hatton Adventure World is that it’s spread out with that many little play areas dotted around, animals to visit, activities to do and shows to watch, that you don’t feel crowded. Even the restaurant was coping well when we went for lunch there, and there was also an additional food van outside along with plenty of people picnicking.

It’s a huge open space, broken up by different areas from sandpits to rides, trampolines to panning for gold, assault courses to playgrounds, digger ride-ons to swings. There are animal barns including farm animals (with so many babies right now!), rodents and reptiles, many of which you can touch and there’s always the guinea pig handling. Additionally, there’s a lambing marquee there at the moment, which is also home to other babies such as those gorgeous kids you see above there.

Easter at Hatton Adventure World 2

Easter at Hatton Adventure World 3

Easter at Hatton Adventure World 4

We found ourselves in the indoor soft play area twice as the kids love it in there. As you’d imagine, it was loud and chaotic, but there was a member of staff in the area at all times looking out for any kids getting stuck or messing around on the slides, as well as keeping it all tidy. Then when outdoors, we followed Little Man and Boo as they raced from one place to the next, little balls of energy and excitement.

The falconry show was amazing to see, with the kids both mesmerised with the demonstrations, keeping them sat still for a short time.

Falconry show

And me? I wanted this. Yes, my own guinea pig herd would be rather lovely. Just wondering how much cucumber I’d need to buy in each week, though…

Guinea Pig Village

As we left we wisely bought the kids an ice lolly each so that my mum and I could browse the garden centre uninterrupted as they sat and licked. Yes, we’ve done enough of this parenting lark to know the tricks! It was the perfect end to a lovely day out.

Disclosure: We received entry FOC for the purposes of this post


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20 thoughts on “Easter at Hatton Adventure World”

  1. It does look like a fun day out. No wonder the children were whizzing around. I can’t resist the garden centres at the end, and I’ll be storing away the idea of buying ice creams for all of them (including husband) when I next want to browse. Cute guinea pig area. I may need to weaken and let my children have guinea pigs. #CountryKids

  2. I keep seeing your Hatton posts and thinking what a great day out it looks, and this one is no exception. I really must take my girls there soon. The Guinea pig herd would probably get them nagging me to have one (which wouldn’t impress my cat!)

  3. Now that was one popular place to visit on Good Friday, it looks so much fun and you certainly chose the right day, it’s horrid today. I love the first photo with the big Easter cutouts, what fun and so bright. they make me want to run around and play too. It sounds like there is so much to do there and lots of different areas to make it enjoyable even on a busy day like this. thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

  4. We were only at Hatton the week before for a birthday party. We spotted the eggs around the place which was fun, although we didn’t do much apart from play with a couple of N’s friends afterwards as we had to get back. N’s already saying he might want a party there next year, although I think January’s definitely too cold to be there with the best bit of it outdoors!

  5. It looks like they put on a great event, and that you all had a wonderful day. It’s great when there’s enough to do, and enough space, that it doesn’t feel too crowded even on a busy day like this. My kids would love all the animals, and I’m sure they would beg me for a guinea pig. I’m resisting pets just at the moment 🙂

  6. What a lovely day out you had – looks like there is so much to do and sounds like Boo and Little Man had a wonderful time. Good tip about giving them an ice lolly so you could browse in the garden centre! Love the photo of Boo hiding behind the basket of eggs and the one of them both in the tractor and those guinea pigs are just adorable 🙂

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