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Have you had the letter yet? I thought we might actually be dodging it, and as it’s my daughter’s first year in school, I wondered whether her school even did anything. And then it arrived, so I had a moment of panic. Yes, there will be an Easter Bonnet Parade, and yes, she needs to go to school ready and armed with said bonnet.

We are now sorted, and as it was so simple to do, I thought I’d share it here with you, in case you, too, find yourself in this moment of blind panic!

First step, you need supplies. I popped to our local 99p shop, but I’m pretty sure pound shops will all have things, and places such as The Works, The Range and Hobbycraft. Handily, in my 99p shop, there were hats (bonnets and cowboy hats in ours) next to a range of random Easter-type creatures and craft goodies, so I grabbed a good mix of them and we were all set. We are now all set for a few years, too, as there are plenty left over!

easy easter bonnet

Now the next stage really depends upon how creatively involved your child likes to be. My daughter wanted to make her own bonnet, though I’m sure there are plenty of parents out there likely to be going this one alone!

Clear a table, unload the supplies, grab the glue. Here there are a few points to bear in mind:

– do not overload the bonnet! It can be easy to get carried away and want to stick on every chick and egg, but please do not be led and swayed on this one. It will dip, it will collapse and it just gives you loads more things to potentially have to re-glue.

– if the creatures are on little pipe cleaners, use that to your advantage to further secure them. The little lambs we had now have their back legs stuck through the rim of the hat.

– do try to add in any extras your child wants to make it more theirs. Boo loves a bit of sparkle, so we popped a few sparkly gemstones on there, too. Nothing to do with Easter, but she loves it.

– be cautious when your little one is trying on their bonnet, just in case there’s still glue seeping or drying!

So after much chat over product placement and what best represents spring and Easter, this is the finished result…..

easy easter bonnet complete

Finally, admire the hat in motion. With plenty of oohs and aahs, big up that hat! Encourage some parade walking practice, too, just to ensure it does all stay in place and can be worn without crushing your small one’s head.

It’s not a unique original design, granted, but it means she gets to go to school next week with a hat that was easy to do, fits atop her head comfortably and so far (fingers crossed) has had no re-gluing required. My favourite feature is the nest on top, so I do hope that shredded paper doesn’t blow away in the wind! I give you, an Easy Easter Bonnet.

What tips would you add? Have you done yours yet?

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12 thoughts on “Easy Easter Bonnet”

  1. Jocelyn Reading

    Make them do it, Lysa!! It was fun to do, and she really enjoyed it. There’ll be many more in the years to come, I’m sure! x

  2. I chucked out the last bonnet I made for N that I’ve brought out every year. So this I’ve just bought him a blue stetson, and will just add a ribbon, some stickers, sheep and chicks on it. The best bit is that I get to use the glue gun! I’m sure N will refuse to wear it though

  3. I remember having to make Easter Bonnets at school-I don’t think my mum was a big fan of the whole idea! We haven’t been asked to make one at all at our school-I’m slightly disappointed as I quite fancy trying something like this-it looks lovely x

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