Easy Easter Crafts

With the children back at school after half term, I realise that Easter is fast on its way, as it falls quite early this year. It only seems timely then that I share with you a few ideas of Easter activities for kids…

Make an Easter Chick card

Easter Chick Card Completed

Ah, this one is so sweet! We did this one a couple of years ago actually, and now that I’m looking back on it, I’m thinking that I should do the same thing again this year but getting Little Man to do it. It is such an effective card, and if I can create it with my very limited artistic abilities, then anyone can.

Easy Easter bonnet making

easy easter bonnet complete

Now that Boo is at school, I am accepting that this is going to be an annual task for two to three years – well, pretty much until Little Man then starts school and it’s an annual task for him! We created our first Easter bonnet last year, and it was actually a lot easier than I’d anticipated and Boo loved making it and then parading around her school showing it off.

Pick up a few Easter kits

easter craft supplies from Asda

easter glasses

easter crafting

This is simple! We have had brilliant kits and supplies sent to us from Asda’s Easter range this year and they have kept my kids so happy. Make Easter baskets, decorate eggs, make pictures with the stickers, paint sun catchers and create those amazing and totally inconspicuous glasses!

An Easter Egg hunt

Easter basket

A classic, and one not to be missed. We have our bright felt basket and I am hoping for a nice dry day over the Easter weekend this year so that we can go and hunt in the garden. If not, I know that they’ll be just as happy whizzing around the house to find stashes of eggs!

Easter Egg crafting

easter egg crafting

Grab some craft supplies and paper, along with a chocolate egg for inspiration, and challenge the children to design their own Easter egg. It’s a great one for encouraging plenty of imagination and creativity.

Paint your own eggs

easter egg painting session

easter egg painting

This one was inspired by the Easter craft supplies we were sent from Asda. You just need to hard boil an egg and I’d then recommend using a bit of an egg carton to hold it in place to be painted. Boo went for a chick design for hers, though Little Man took a more abstract approach! They were content doing it and it’s a sweet one to see.

What do you think? Would your kids enjoy any of these?

Disclosure: We received the Asda products FOC for the purposes of this post

Easy Easter Crafts for children, sticking, painting and crafting fun!

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  1. These are such great ideas, I always have such great intentions for crafting that never quite happens. I have however bought the Easter Bonnet bits as I was caught out with that one last year in pre-school…this year I am prepared! xx

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