Easy Gardening With Bedding Plants

Back before I really got into my gardening, bedding plants were my go-to buys every time. I see them as instant gardening, and often the bedding plants themselves are easy enough to keep, too. They’d brighten up our garden so that I’d enjoy sitting out in it, with minimal effort. They’re brilliant for novice gardeners in that way.

Now I use them a little differently. I now have the patience to wait for seeds, enjoy watching my perennials bloom at various times throughout the year and I like to put my bulbs in in the autumn, anticipating their colours in the spring. And it’s usually about now that I go for bedding plants.

Bedding plants

With autumn looming, most of my cut-flower patch is dying down. I’ve moved a few perennials onto it, to add all round colour, so amongst other things I now have a rose, peonies, hydrangeas and gaura on there. It’s good to still see the splashes of colour, but I want more. This is where bedding plants really come into their own.

Boo also has her own little patch of garden, where her sweet peas are still going strong, along with some marigolds, but she’s got space there to add more colour. My daughter is definitely becoming a keen gardener, and loves choosing new plants. Bedding plants are great as they’re nice and easy for children and a manageable size to dig out. She was keen, so we have shared the new trays we’ve bought, and popped them in over the weekend…

Tips For Bedding Plants


It was fun to do this together, and Boo’s so pleased to have brightened up her little garden.

Tips for planting:

– Read the bedding plant labels so that you’re clear on what they’ll need, particularly in their positioning. Do they need full sun, for example?

– Ensure the ground is soaked first. This will make it easier to dig, and ensure moisture for the plants once they’re in their new spot.

– Dig out a hole a little deeper than your plant plug so that it fits into it easily, with no roots exposed.

– The plants often come in trays as pictured, so ease each plug out gently by pushing it up from the bottom and grasping is as close to the base of them stem as you can get.

– Remember to water them in for several days after planting.

– Bedding plants are often annuals or biennials, but that doesn’t mean that as soon as it’s finished flowering you need to pull it up, as they may well seed themselves, so give them a little time to do so. You may end up with year after year colour this way.

You can find out more about bedding plants here. Will you be adding extra colour to your garden this autumn?

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4 thoughts on “Easy Gardening With Bedding Plants”

  1. Well you made that sound super easy Jocelyn! Even for my very non green fingers… really want to get into gardening, but with my postage stamp I find it difficult to muster the enthusiasm.

    Hope you’re having a lovely Summer xx

    1. It is easy! Bedding plants would be perfect for you then, a great way to get going and get that enthusiasm started! x

  2. Your garden always impresses me – I love how it seems to be constantly in bloom! I really want to start a garden, but the thought of seeing it in snow through winter and spring kind of puts me off. I will have to bite the bullet next year though x

    1. Thank you, I do like to keep it colourful. I can understand why that’d put you off, but I’m sure it’d be worth it for the warmer months x

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