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Easy House Plant Display Ideas

Today I want to share some easy house plant display ideas with you. As you know, I have acquired quite a few house plants this year, so of course I need to find ways to best display them all.

There are lots of ways you can do this. I want to share with you several indoor plant decor ideas and all are easy to do. 

house plant display

The first thing you should think about before working out how best to display your house plants is work out where they are going to be most comfortable. House plants all thrive in different conditions, so you need to look into where yours will be happiest.

Each time you get a new plant, take the time to find out what it is and how best to care for it. If you need help with this, I shared more about this in 5 tips for looking after your house plants.

Once you know whereabouts you would like your house plants to be, you can start displaying them. 

What is indoor plant display?

Whilst you could just get all of your indoor plants and pop them in a cluster all together in one space, it probably isn’t going to display them to their best advantage. This is why people talk about indoor plant display.

Think of your house plants as items to show off, things to decorate your rooms with. It would be a shame for them to not get their moment in the spotlight, so think about how you can best display them. 

How do you decorate with house plants?

There are plenty of ways to decorate with house plants, you just need to choose the option that best suits your home.

I would suggest that you walk around your home and look for spaces that would work well for your plants. Think about the plant first, then the space available.

Is that a good spot for your plant? Does it have the right light? If the answer is yes, then you can start thinking about which plant display method would work best there. 

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easy house plant display ideas

Easy House Plant Display Ideas

If you’re anything like me, you will want to show off your plants but you’ll want it to be easy to do so. It is time consuming enough looking after them all, I don’t need to add huge plant decor projects to my to-do list!

Let’s kick off with a few suggestions for you to try yourself. 

hanging house plants

Plant pot covers

We will start here as it is the most simple part of house plant display. 

House plants usually arrive in their nursery pots, of varying sizes. It is then worth buying plant pot covers for them, and your options are vast.

You might want to go for an eclectic theme or perhaps you will stick to similar colours? Maybe you will want the same kind of shape or design for each pot? Or maybe you will go for a fun plant pot cover design? It’s entirely up to you and your own preferences. 

indoor plant stand

As a bonus tip here, I would say, think outside the box on this one. I have managed to get a lot of plants at quite a fast rate and as such, haven’t always had plant pot covers ready for them.

Plant pot covers can also add up in costs when you have quite a few plants. So along with sourcing them from a variety of places, can you use something else? I have several plants in mugs at the moment, some are in small litter bins and some are in utensil pots. 

Hang your plants

Hanging your house plants is a great way to display them. It is also a good way to use up unused space. 

I have a few macrame plant pot holders dotted around and they are perfect for displaying a few plants. They come with hooks if you have a spot to screw them in to, or you can get wall hooks to hang them from. 

These are great at putting plants in a better position for light and they take them up and away from your surfaces. 

I have baby trailing plants in mine. They will all vine eventually, so they are now in the right spot to do so. 

hanging plant

You could also try hangers that have a tray at the bottom so you can place more than one plant on it, like a hanging table. These would work well in the corner of a room. 

I have also seen people fill their windows with plants by popping a rail across the length of the window and using pot holders along it. Similarly, you might be able to pop hanging plant pots over door frames if you have some that don’t tend to move and close. 

Group plants together

Plants love being grouped together, they can create their own little ecosystem. It can also be a great way to display them.

house plants displayed

Choose a corner or ledge to cluster them together or perhaps arrange them around a focal point such as an unused fireplace.

Think about the plants that you are putting together. Do they have foliage that complements or contrasts? Are you looking to create some difference in height between them? 

When you are grouping, view your plans aesthetically as if they were any other item of decor. This will help you to move them around until you find a grouping that you like. 

house plants grouped together

Attach plants to the wall

This might be my favourite easy house plant display idea. I can’t believe how simple it is to do and I think it looks so effective. 

You can buy wall planter hooks that screw into your wall. They are pot rings, so you then just pop your pot straight into it. Done! 

It creates the effect that the plants are just floating there on your wall, and if you add a little wall art to the area as I have, it really works. 

house plants displayed on wall

You can dot these around anywhere that you like and they come in varying sizes. 

You could also try up-cycling a pallet and attaching that to a wall with plenty of light. You can hang pots straight off this then, making a striking display. Not necessarily super easy to do, hence I haven’t tried it, but well worth a mention if you feel like getting creative. 

Use a plant stand

This suggestion is nice and easy as the plant stand will do all of the work for you. The key here is to find the right space to place your plant stand. 

Plant stands come in lots of different styles and sizes. You might just want a small metal stand to pop one plant on, or you might go bigger and add something like I have. Again, with these bigger house plant display stands, they come in lots of different shapes and sizes.

I have two different designs myself and both are in our kitchen area, as this is the room with the best light in the house. Do think about light when you are measuring up for one of these. Of course, they can be used in low light areas too just as long as the plants you have will be happy there. 

house plant stand

I hope these ideas have helped to inspire you to try out some new house plant display ideas? If you are keen to decorate your home with house plants, you could start out with these easy house plants and give one or two or these display ideas a go. 

If you try some of these house plant decor ideas out, do let me know!

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