Easy Mail Art Idea

I tried something new with my happy mail a couple of weeks ago. You know that I have zero artistic talent, and I tend to go with a lot of the ideas that I shared in Envelope Art for the Unartistic, but I fancied getting a bit creative. I wanted to try an easy mail art idea, mail art that involved no drawing or sketching skills at all!

I decided to decorate a plain envelope using magazine clippings and washi tape, and I thought I’d share it here in case you like the idea for yourself.

easy mail art project

Easy Mail Art Idea

You’ll need:

A plain envelope, A5 gives you plenty of space
A glue stick
Washi tape

For this envelope, I was feeling all spring-like so wanted to go with a flowery theme. I found a selection of similar coloured flowers in a magazine and cut them out, all in different shapes and sizes. I then arranged them on the envelope to give me an idea of how I wanted to glue them.

I glued directly onto the envelope and then arranged the pictures one by one, gluing as I went so that they layered on top of one another.

After I had the pictures in position, I used some washi tape to edge them all. This serves as ensuring that they are stuck on the envelope properly, but also defined each of the different pictures and I really like the overall effect.

I then used a different colour washi tape to create a little area for the name and address details of my pen pal.

I have many, many washi tapes, so the chances are always going to be that I have some that will tone with or complement whatever I choose to decorate with.

I chose plain coloured tapes for this collage, but I think I’ll try patterned next time and see how that comes out, should be a fun effect.

How easy is that?

It took me less than ten minutes to create this easy mail art idea, from gathering the materials to putting everything away again. And you know what else? It was a fun and enjoyable little creative moment in my day.

I don’t do creative very often so I really liked doing this for a change. I am already thinking of the themes that I can try next time!

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What do you think? Something to try if you’re artistically lacking like me?

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7 thoughts on “Easy Mail Art Idea”

  1. What a clever idea. Thank you for sharing. I belong to a letter writing social and this would be a fun project for us to work on as a group.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. You could also mod podge over your magazine pictures with or without washi tape. Whenever I use washi tape on envelopes for mailing it has always come off in the mail before it arrives. So, I glue it down or mid podge over it. Mod Podge is brushed on and it dries clear sealing the design whether clipart, painted, or drawn. It comes in glossy or matte dried state. I love it. I like to take tea wrappers and tags or cut up pictures from old calendars and arrange them on envelopes for a super cool look. Wanna be penpals?

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