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Easy Mail Art Inspiration

Today I thought it’d be handy to share a collection of a few of my mail art videos in one place. This can then be a go-to resource for a little simple mail art inspiration for you. 

Now, as always, I will preface this with the fact that you don’t need to do any mail art at all. Your pen pal just wants to hear from you, so a legible address on an envelope is plenty. This is just for those of you who want to enjoy getting a little creative and playing around with some mail art. 

Mail art is optional! Don’t let the thought of having to pretty up envelopes put you off enjoying having pen pals. And, as I’m sure you’ll see in a moment with these videos, if you do want to dabble in it, it can be super simple anyway.

mail art

If you’re reading this and this is all new to you but you are curious, do check out my Ultimate Guide For Pen Pals and maybe this can be a whole new hobby for you. 

I’d certainly recommend it! Pen pals are a lot of fun, it’s lovely making new friends in this way and sending and receiving snail mail is great. 

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Anyway, on with the mail art inspo! 

Easy Happy Mail

Mail Art Using Washi Tape

Some summery mail art ideas

Easy mail art using magazines

Creative Ideas For Snail Mail

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