So is it as Easy as Riding a Bike?

I wrote a couple of weeks ago sharing the news that I am getting back on the saddle, after many, many years.

The team at Halfords have supplied me with a brand new bike to see how I get on with cycling again after all of these years.

I have an Apollo Elyse hybrid bike. It’s lightweight, practical and I love the design. So without further ado, let me show you around my new bike and share with you my first bike ride in over twenty years…..

Yes, I can still do it! Which did surprise me, truth be told, as it has been some time. I found myself feeling a bit unsure making sharp turns and I really need to get used to making the gear changes, but at least I stayed upright and it moved in the direction I wanted to go, so I am calling that a win.

From this first foray into cycling as an adult, I’ve three initial observations to make.

– Trousers and trainers are the way to go. During the summer I am a skirt and flip flops kind of girl, but I’m pretty certain that my skirt would have hindered me and got caught up and I did feel my trainers gripping on the pedals – I just don’t think flip flops would have been as effective!

– It’s a lot easier than running. I can go further and for longer periods of time on my bike without getting out of breath and turning into a hot, sweaty mess. This definitely appeals.

– I should not have bought a house on a hill.

Yes, this is disturbing me. You see, after my first little attempt there, I am now keen to give this cycling thing a shot and in order to do that, I need to leave the house. To go on the outing I filmed we all popped to a local park together and the Husband put my bike in his van, so it was very easy. However, I’d like to go out for rides alone and to do this I need to get off my road, but whichever way I go it is a hill. A very, very steep hill the one way and that’s the way to a beautiful park. Hmm, walk it up? Or move house? What do you think?!

Whatever I decide, I am determined to get out and cycle again, so I’ll let you know how I get on going it alone and going off on a proper bike ride round the park. Fingers crossed I can get further than my road!

Do you cycle?

Halfords Apollo Elyse Bike

Disclosure: I’m working in collaboration with Halfords on this campaign

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12 thoughts on “So is it as Easy as Riding a Bike?”

  1. Ah well done, and I know what you mean about hills. They seem to pop up everywhere and often when you don’t expect them. I don’t live on a hill, but it seems whichever way we go, every way home has a hill in it. So now it’s just a choice of which hill – I have two (now) that I have made it all the way up without stopping, so they’re always my first choices. Good luck X

  2. Well done and I was very impressed with the fact that you were encouraging little man to run and keep fit! With regards hills (and the one on which you live is the one that my driving instructor insisted that I practice my clutch control on-nasty) the only solution would be to either a. Move to East Anglia. b. Move to Holland or c. Order one of GeoOrbital’s rather excellent electric bike wheels. Fully interchangeable with standard front wheels and a brilliant engineering solution. Happy Cycling.

    1. I didn’t encourage him, so can’t take credit for that – he just likes to run! Hmm, I did consider East Anglia, but the electric bike wheel sounds an easier option!

  3. Well done you! You make riding a bile look easy….
    I have been thinking about getting a bike for the school run. I used to get a lift back every day from my friend but now her son has gone off to the high school. I’m dreading the mile walk there and it back again twice a day.

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  5. Thank you for sharing this. I am currently looking at the bike now on Halfords so it was good to see someone leave a positive review and well done for being able to ride the bike still!

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