An Easy Way to Brighten Up A Room

I don’t know about you, but we don’t have much wallpaper in our house. We have the living room papered, but all of our other rooms and hallway are painted. I like the flexibility that this gives us with decorating as we can easily change the look and feel of a room repainting, which tends to be a relatively inexpensive option and quite fast to do. Well, a seemingly ever more popular option than that to give a room a fresh look is to go for wall stickers.

I’ve been having a little browse, and I do like this one for the bathroom…


Ours is all white walls at the moment, with grey tiling, so this would add a lovely splash of colour and draw the eye.

I adore Game of Thrones, so I’m thinking this one over my desk…


Love! Not an easy choice as there are several Game of Thrones stickers available, and due to my adoration of Tyrion, sometimes I lean towards House Lannister, but really, they are a terrible lot aren’t they?

My brother is a big fan of maps and geography, so I can see him loving this one…


I’ll be pointing him in the direction of this post!

Oh, and this one just made me laugh…


What a fun idea!

I can also see them being brilliant for nursery interiors as the range of children’s stickers is extensive, and as kids grow so quickly, once the nursery phase is outgrown, they can be removed and replaced with an older look.

So you might start with a Forest Tree with Birds Kids Sticker…


and then move onto an R2D2 Star Wars Decorative Decal, which my son would be very happy with.


Now handily, I do have a sign writer on hand here who is an absolute whizz at applying stickers. Which ones to choose first…?!

Which ones would you go for?

Disclosure:  This is a collaborative post 

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6 thoughts on “An Easy Way to Brighten Up A Room”

  1. Kimberlye Richardson

    I absolutely love the bath one and think it’s a fabulous idea as many bathrooms end up having white walls. Even if you do not own your home, these can be taken down if you move with no damage or need to repaint because of choosing to change the color of your bath. Eventually, when I have a separate study/craft room (as we are hoping to eventually buy a home of the size we want… or wait until my middle daughter has moved on after her time at junior college), I might choose to find some fandom decals, inspirational quotes, or even the map decals as my husband and I have long thought about a room that is filed with books, an antique style globe, and more. I had to laugh at the refrigerator sticker. That is a truly brilliant idea for someone who is a full blown Star Wars fan. I loved all of these ideas and hope to see what you end up deciding on should you redecorate with wall stickers. Thank you for sharing some really cool ideas.

    1. Yes, that’s a very good point about people renting, I’d not thought of that. A great way to ‘decorate’. Oh and that study sounds like my kind of room!

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