Our Day At The Eden Project

During our holiday to Cornwall last week, we visited the Eden Project.

Unfortunately, it was a very wet day, which meant we missed pretty much every single thing outside, and rushed by it all with our heads down, desperately trying to get out of the torrential downpours! I would advise going on a dry day, if possible, as there’s so much to see outside, and we ignored it all.

We did have a good look around the very lovely shop and the restaurant. The restaurant do great lunch boxes for children, and a range of cakes, pasties and hot food for adults. It’s a nice eating area, too. And then there are the biomes.

There are two biomes, the Rainforest and Mediterranean. The array of flora and fauna there was dazzling, and so much of it I’d not seen before. I took lots of shots, though do excuse the fact that the lens kept getting steamed up in the Rainforest so a few photos may be misty…

Holiday at Coombe Mill March 2014 037

Holiday at Coombe Mill March 2014 024

Holiday at Coombe Mill March 2014 025

Holiday at Coombe Mill March 2014 031

Holiday at Coombe Mill March 2014 036

Holiday at Coombe Mill March 2014 041

Holiday at Coombe Mill March 2014 044

Holiday at Coombe Mill March 2014 046

Holiday at Coombe Mill March 2014 047

All of those were taken in the Rainforest biome, so very exotic looking, and I haven’t a clue what they are, I just found them fascinating to look at! You need to bear in mind that during this visit, there wasn’t much time to pause and read about the various plants and flowers, as I had a crazy 4 year old loving it in there, and running about exploring!

eden project

And then in the Mediterranean biome, I was captivated by the tulips. There were just so many, the scents were beautiful and the array of colours and varieties stunning…

Holiday at Coombe Mill March 2014 052

Holiday at Coombe Mill March 2014 049

Holiday at Coombe Mill March 2014 051

Holiday at Coombe Mill March 2014 053

This all reignited my love for tulips, as they’ve always been a favourite, but I feel I now need more! So I’ll be adding a pot collection area in the garden, as part of my ongoing redesign, so that I can have plenty out there.

Have you been to the Eden Project? Do you know the names of everything I’ve photographed?!

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47 thoughts on “Our Day At The Eden Project”

  1. We have been twice to the Eden Project now – once when Bigger Miss was a baby and once a couple of years ago and it was amazing how much it had moved on and change in that time. Last time we went it rained too but there’s so much to see in the Biomes that it don’t matter too much. Not been in Spring so I haven’t seen the tulips – they look gorgeous.

  2. I do love the Mediterranean biome especially-so bright and warm (in colour). What a shame it rained so heavily. I think it’s always rained every time I’ve visited but we’ve usually had sunshine at some point to allow us an exploration outside-you’re right, there’s so much to explore too. Hopefully you’ll go back one day πŸ™‚

    1. Yes, we were hoping for a brief respite from the downpours, but it wasn’t to be! Loved the biomes, though x

  3. Wow! It looks amazing there! My mum and dad have been and they loved it. We have it on our ‘to do’ list when the twins are a bit bigger as it is a long way! Looks like you had a fantastic time, beautiful pictures x #HDYGG

  4. Loving those tulips, so many beautiful colours! II went to the Eden Project last year and really liked all the unusual plants in the rainforest biome. Looks like you had a fun day out πŸ™‚

  5. I’ve been to the eden project… but it was about 12 years ago so my memory is pretty hazy! Looks fab though and at least it was warm inside even if it was a wet day outside! Gorgeous colours on the tulips, lovely photos πŸ™‚ xx #hdygg

  6. it’s really interesting to see the Eden project at this time of year… we’ve only visited during June or July. Those biomes are amazing aren’t they, but the rainforest one is soooo hot by the time you reach the top! love those feathery tulips in the last photo, gorgeous! x

  7. What a lovely day out, it’s a shame it was raining but thank goodness for the dome. I’ve never been which is probably a good thing as I’d want to take so many of those plants home with me! That big pink tassle like one is my favourite, amazing!

  8. Such beautiful colours! Oh I really really want to go there, I’ve never been and everytime I see photos I nearly burst!!! I think I’d go in and never return πŸ˜‰

    Lovely photos – thank you for joining in and sharing xx

  9. We went to the Eden Project when I was 36 weeks pregnant with LP, I nearly died. Not really, it was just so hot and I was huge, it was exhausting!! I’ll go there again one day! πŸ™‚ x

  10. Oh wow Jocelyn how wonderful! Some of these plants and flowers can be seen in the glasshouse at Wisley so they most certainly raised a smile. Sounds like you had the best time, I’d love to go there one day πŸ™‚

  11. We never made it to The Eden project before moving to France. I need to look at the feasibility of going when I next visit Mum because I so want to go. Lovely photos and I love the fact the lens kept getting steamed up! #HDYGG

  12. I’ve never been to the Eden project but I’m loving your pics! Especially the tulips. I bought myself a rainbow tulip bunch recently and I never normally buy myself flowers but they were just so pretty and cheerful to look at! Have you ever visited the tulip fields in Holland? I reckon that would be pretty awesome. I know what you mean about not getting to stop and really take anything in in any detail – we had that with the animals at Hobbledown yesterday – EJ was off like a blooming shot! X

    1. No, but how beautiful would Holland be?! I adore tulips, in fact, I’ve cut some from my garden today. The kids are crazy – never slow down to actually see anything!

  13. Love those tulips! We’ve visited a couple of times, both when it was pouring with rain (I guess it’s the first place you think of going if it’s a wet day on holiday). We’ve never looked around outside though so should actually go on a sunny day sometime.

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