#ElfTakeover Week 1

So he’s here! It took around a week for him to arrive, and I was ridiculously excited. I’d been pinning plenty of ideas, the Husband was coming home each day telling me he’d had another idea, so it’d be fair to say it was already shaping up to be one of those kids traditions that was really more for the adults than the kids!

And then he got here. Boo was excited, and we had to immediately read the book and talk about his magic. It was left up to Boo to name him, so here he is – meet Marty!


As you can see, his arrival was travelling by dog-back (or ear as is actually the case!). We sat and got him registered so that we have his adoption certificate and letter from Santa, so all that was next to do was wait for Boo to get up the following day and find him and giggle with glee…. but that’s not quite what happened…

elf1She was scared of him. Yep, all of that build up and excitement and cries of ‘I can’t wait to see the elf’ went forgotten. I wasn’t entirely surprised. Last year we had a wonderful build up to Christmas, and as she’d recently turned 3, it was the first year she really got into everything. She could not wait. Until we put her to bed on Christmas Eve and she started sobbing as she didn’t want Santa to come – a stranger in the house while she was asleep was too much to bare, and I can see her point really! She calmed down and eventually drifted off, only to wake up delighted that he had in fact visited anyway! So, the initial elf aversion wasn’t entirely unexpected, and I do see her point. But, she warmed to him after a few hours of refusing to go into the living room, as she knew he was in there, and all is now well. She loves him again, and does now enjoy finding him – phew!

elf2So we’re back on. The fun and the plans the Husband has been making can continue, and I will still be able to tell you all about Marty’s adventures – a relief as I’m sure you’ll appreciate, given that I’m running this blog hop… 😉

Now it’s over to you guys. I cannot wait to meet your elves and see what they’ve been up to in their first few days with you. Remember, we have a Pinterest board that we’ll pin them all to, I’m running this with the fabulous Life With Munchers, and she’ll be hosting the linky next week, where we’ll each choose a couple of our favourite posts from the week to share with you, too.

Grab the badge, use #Elftakeover over on Instagram, Google+ and Twitter for us all to find you, and link on up. Please visit as many others posts as you can, as I’m thinking we’ll be gathering some fun ideas this way! Happy #ElfTakeover!


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31 thoughts on “#ElfTakeover Week 1”

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  2. I can totally understand why a Boo wouldn’t be so keen initially, he is slightly unusual looking and almost real in his appearance if you know what I mean?! Glad she’s OK with him now #elftakeover

    1. Yes, I do know, and I think it’s the thought that he can move – she didn’t want to be crept up on – understandably! We’ve reassured her many times that he never moves while we’re all awake!

    1. Yes, it’s the Husband that creates the poses each night – he ponders it periodically throughout his working day! Thanks so much for introducing us to it x

  3. This is already a great selection of posts. We don’t have an Elf but we do have two little men (Christmas and Snowy) bringing us a picture book to read every day 🙂

  4. I love that your Elf is called Marty, brilliant. Great post too – looks like he’s been having lots of fun. Our Elf shenanigans aren’t quite going to plan as you’ll see from my post! Great idea, thank you for hosting 🙂

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