#ElfTakeover Week 2

Welcome to week 2 of #ElfTakeover! if you missed last week’s, and everyone’s link ups, you can find them here. My lovely co-host Life With Munchers is hosting the blog hop this week, so do go over there and check out our favourites from last week.

How are those elves doing? And, more to the point, how are you doing remembering about them daily?! We’ve yet to forget, but give it time….!

These are a few of the places that Marty’s been hanging out in this week….

the reading residence elf on the shelf 4

the reading residence elf on the shelf

the reading residence elf on the shelf 1

the reading residence elf on the shelf 3

He likes to cling on to things, it seems!

We did have to avert an elf disaster a few days ago. Marty was fishing atop our aquarium, which is within reach of small hands. Now our elf cannot be touched or he loses his magic, which Boo’s well aware of. But, Little Man was rather excited to see that Marty was within his reach, and so he grabbed him and started playing with him. Boo gasped and panicked that the magic was over! I had to reassure her that Santa would understand that her brother wasn’t being naughty but that he didn’t know the rules, so the magic would return. She was so relieved when she got up the next day and Marty had moved, ‘the magic is back!’. Phew!

So how’s your week been with your little friends? To join in and share your own elfy happenings, just grab the badge in my sidebar there, link up below, and go check out what otherย elves have been up to…..

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The Reading Residence #ElfTakeover

Have fun!

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18 thoughts on “#ElfTakeover Week 2”

  1. We have the concern about Little Mister touching our Elf too. Mademoiselle is such a believer in magic that I know she’d be mortified about our Elf being touched. So far I haven’t been brave enough to put him at arms length of Little Mister, although he may have to soon as I’m running out of hiding spots! I never thought it would be this hard to find 20 hiding places around our home…thanks for the inspiration from the Linky. I’m gonna try the Xmas tree tomorrow!
    Lovely linky idea too, btw xx

    1. Yes, the higher the better, we find! we were strict on that last year, but thought we’d try it this year, but no, we still need to be high up here! x

  2. Sounds like Marty is a hit again this year. We had the same issue last yr of a younger child touching him and said the same thing as you, it worked. This time one of my girls decided to touch him and BB was so upset that’d lose his magic, we made Boo really apologise to Jack and tell him how she does believe in christmas and she won’t touch him again….it seems to have worked ๐Ÿ˜‰

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