Enchanted Christmas Kingdom at Hatton World

Last weekend saw us visiting a firm favourite here, Hatton World. With animals to see and meet, play areas aplenty and a JCB Track that they’re a little addicted to, the children adore our days out there, and on this occasion it was even more special than usual, as we were there to visit their Enchanted Christmas Kingdom. You can read more about Hatton World in my last post, with photos of the animals and the various activities there are to do there, as today, I’m talking Christmas!

Even before we were inside, we were put in a festive mood, by the Christmas markets there, decorations sprinkled all over the place and then this….

Hatton Christmas reindeer roll

There’s also a nativity set arranged there, with donkeys in situ, ready for live nativity performances, though we didn’t manage to catch one of those.

We decided to get straight to the grotto when we got in, partly as Boo seemed a little under the weather (and yes, it transpired she was coming down with something) so we wanted to get the main event in first in case we had to depart early. There was a small queue outside, that led us to viewing these…

Hatton Christmas reindeer

We queued for quite a while, and I guess it’s one of those things that really falls to luck as to what time you go over there. We waited around 40 minutes in total. During the wait time, there are activities and plenty to see to entertain the children. First up, was writing and then posting letters to Santa, which of course Boo took to with gusto!

Santa letters

Then we went through to an elves workshop…

Hatton Christmas workshop

And then there were elves positioned chatting to us, alongside a sparkly winter wonderland.

The Santa meet was lovely, with a very chatty Santa who told jokes, and asked what the children wanted for Christmas, and whether they’d been good. There had been a slip to fill in letting them know their names, ages and wants, but I didn’t see that being used. Whether it was a little too busy to do so, I’m not sure, but it didn’t make a difference and the chat was still nice and we didn’t feel at all rushed, despite knowing there was a big queue behind us!

Hatton Christmas santa meet

At the end, Little Man and Boo were given a golden key each to the go into Santa’s own special toy shop and select their own gift from the shelves.

Hatton Christmas toy shop

The Toy Shop was lovely, and full to the brim of presents! There was plenty of choice, and the variety and quality looked good. Little Man chose a digger and Boo chose a crafting set. The digger is still holding up here, and the crafting set has been crafted with!

After our visit to Santa, we took the time to look around at the animals, and both kids held a guinea pig….

Hatton Christmas boo and guinea pig

little man and guinea pig

Little Man delighted in squeezing his a little too lovingly, so I rescued that poor rodent pretty sharpish! I do like how hands-on you can be there, as they also have talks and opportunities to hold animals in the Scales and Tails area, too. There always seem to be staff around to chat to you and let you know more.

And then it was playtime….

hatton play areas

The play areas are vast! The JCB Track is a popular one with my two, and there are then are seemingly endless swings, slides, climbing frames, tractors and so on, all dotted throughout. My children love it! And when we eventually managed to prise them away, we strolled around the falconry centre and then had a saunter around the Christmas markets.

Yet another lovely day out at Hatton for us. As I’ve said before, I really do think to make the most of a day out here, you’re best going on a dry day. Little Man and Boo love the outdoor areas as much as the animal barns, though there is also a brilliant indoor soft play centre that we didn’t go to this time, but I wrote about here. Plenty to see and do, and at the moment, there’s so much more going on with the festivities, including a Reindeer Quest (a trail around the farm that once completed, leads to chocolate!) and a Christmas Carnival Parade.

I’ve also noticed that they’re expecting a very busy time of it this weekend, particularly as the local The Magical Journey attraction has been closed down. But they are prepared so are extending their hours and laying on extra entertainment to help with any queuing. There are further details here. If you do go, hope you have fun!

Disclosure: We received entry FOC for the purposes of this review, though all words and opinions remain my own.


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31 thoughts on “Enchanted Christmas Kingdom at Hatton World”

  1. This sounds like one of the best Father Christmas experiences I’ve heard of. I love the idea of the kids being able to select their own present. That straw bail reindeer is adorable!

  2. It’s fab that you got to Hatton again for a great day out, I love the Reindeer bale, it’s awesome! It’s great that even though there was quite a big queue you weren’t rushed through Santa, sometimes they do push you through don’t they? I love the idea of getting given a key and then picking their own present, saves disappointment!

    1. Yes, it felt really relaxed and not at all hurried, which was lovely. We always have a great time when we go there 🙂 Thanks for hosting x

  3. We were lucky with Santa as we didn’t really wait all that long, it was just a slow walk around the grotto, which we probably wouldn’t have done any quicker if we had the chance anyway. Sadly we did have worse weather (rain and hail) which meant we didn’t get much outdoor play. We tried the indoor play but it was a little too much for Star. It’s a shame you missed the nativity though, we really enjoyed that (although we had to wait for a hail storm to finish first!)

  4. Sounds like it was a great day out and I love the photos of Boo and Little Man with the guinea pigs. Sorry to hear that Boo was unwell though and hope she is better soon x

  5. What a lovely family day out, I am loving the hay bale as a reindeer so cute! With a variety of activities it does looks like a great day for all the family – I do like that they are able to chose their own present (sometimes you can end up with something that isn’t suitable) #CountryKids

  6. It really does sound great, and the Santa experience seems to have been done really well. Looks like your two had a great time in the park, and the guinea pigs seem to have gone down well 🙂 Have a wonderful Christmas! #CountryKids

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