At The End of the Summer Holidays

At the end of the summer holidays I feel sad. I don’t want to send my girl back to school tomorrow.

The freedom that the holidays bring, no school runs, no restrictions on our time, is just magical. Having these two little faces around me at all times makes me happy. Very happy, even when they drive me crazy!

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My girl says she’ll miss me when she goes back to school. I suspect if she really thought about it, it’s her brother that she’ll be missing. They have that special sort of relationship that only siblings can have. They can be playmates on days out, snuggle buddies on movie nights and intrepid explorers and superheroes in the midst of imaginary play. They can then ignore one another, each going about the house doing their own thing. Boo sinking into a book or losing herself in her colouring books, whilst Little Man recreates every scene of Star Wars with his many, many, Star Wars toys! They have a friend on hand, whenever they want one. And when there are weeks on end, the adventures mingle in with the downtime to create a wonderful break.

This has been the very best of summers as the children are at last at that age where they’re more a pleasure than a chore! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed every milestone with them, but babies and toddlers are hard, relentless work. Little Man and Boo are now able to play together, play independently, with few arguments and little interference needed from me. They are happy to just play from morning until night, with no desperate need to get out of the house. I just need to feed them. As long as their tummies are full, they are content!

We’ve had brilliant days out to the National Forest Adventure Farm, the Sea Life Centre, Countryfile Live and a fun-packed weekend at the Just So Festival, along with Little Man’s birthday and wonderful mini break to Blackpool, trips to the cinema and play dates galore.

We’ve also done so well with the weather this summer as we have spent many happy hours out in the garden, or popping to the park or playground. Simple little pleasures, moments that I do hope the kids will remember and treasure. Moments that make up the fabric of their childhood.

And even if they don’t remember, I will. I know that I will look back over time and these will be up there with the best of summers. Childhood fun and innocence, sprinkled with giggles and sunshine.

Ah well, no time to dwell. The school term beckons, preschool awaits and university will soon recommence. Back to normality, farewell glorious summer.

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4 thoughts on “At The End of the Summer Holidays”

  1. It sounds like a wonderful summer and I’m really sad to see it end too. I love the bond between your two, I hope they’ll stay the best of friends even as adults. Like I said to someone yesteday, I suppose we have to get back to routine some time eh? x

  2. Ah I know I was another sad Mum, school holidays can be so tough but I adored having them at home playing together. Sounds like you had a marvellous summer, and here’s to counting down to half term!

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