An Energy Boost For The Holidays

Now that both of my children are at school, I have found that I’ve settled into something of a routine Monday to Friday each week, generally revolving around blog work, studying, the gym and housework. Yes, all the exciting things happen here! I am used to being alone for several hours each day and setting my own pace. Well, now it’s the half term holidays so I’m thinking that that’s all set to change!

I am looking forward to throwing the routine out of the window and having slower starts to the day and then having plenty of fun planned in with the kids. We have the next few days at home with a few play dates sprinkled in and then a couple of days away at the end of the week as we’re off to the Roald Dahl museum and Legoland. I need to get my energy levels up for all of this!

Fortunately, the team over at Berocca, the UK’s No.1 energy vitamin, have been in touch and offered to supply me with an extra boost to keep me going.

I’ve never tried these before, so I was interested to see how they tasted and worked. I have been trying the mixed berries effervescent tablets for the past few days, which are easy to take each morning, you just add a tablet to a glass of water. They taste nice and fruity with a slight fizz, and since I have been taking them I am finding that my energy levels are higher. I’m adding taking one into my morning routine with my breakfast of oats and herbal tea, so it’s a small change that’s making a difference.

Apparently, Berocca is packed full of eight B vitamins including vitamins B1 and B2 which work with your body to release your natural energy, helping you to feel energised during the day. Clever stuff. It’s this that can and should keep me going every day as it can be a challenge to keep up with my kids’ energy levels! I am a morning person naturally but I can find myself wanting to slow down by early afternoon, but with Berocca I have been more productive in the afternoons and when I collect the kids from school I am all ready to chat and play with them without any tiredness seeping in.

Of course, Berocca only works as part of a healthy balanced diet so it should be consumed with food, I am not suggesting this is in anyway an alternative to that. But along with my breakfast each morning and a healthy lunch, this gives an extra boost and keeps me going. Berocca helps you feel like you but on a really good day.

As such, I am confident that this week I will be able to keep up with the requests to go out on scooters, run around the playground, build fantastic Lego structures, play board games for the hours that Boo always wants and be energised and sprightly on our trip. I am all set here, half term I am ready for you!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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