Exciting News Day…

Today is an exciting day for me as I have some news to share. I have been working on creating my very own store and I can now reveal my new Bring Back Paper range is available to buy!

This is something that I have ummed and aahhed over for ages. I have wanted to bring some kind of Bring Back Paper range out for a while and I have explored a variety of options. I have then talked myself into and out of doing it dozens of time, until I’d finally had enough of my own dithering and just got on with it. I am bringing a range out for those of us that love our paper, a range to celebrate those addictions.

Go take a look at the shop now, I am excited for you to see it.

I wanted to launch by designing products for all of my papery loves, books, stationery and snail mail. There are designs there to cover all of these and I’ve a few new designs on the way too. I love coming up with ideas for this, thinking about the kind of things that I love and doodling my ideas down. I then pass them along to the Husband who manages to somehow turn my random, very poor sketches, into exactly the design I was hoping for.

The best thing about it is that it’s all based around print on demand and drop shipping, meaning that I can spend my time coming up with new designs without having to spend time on everything else. It also means that I am open to suggestions, so if you have any papery phrases that you would love to see in my store, just drop me an email or message me on social media and I will look into creating a design around it and adding it in for you.

What do you think? Do you have a favourite design?

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