Fabulous Name Labels – Step Away from the Iron & Needle!

As regular readers will know, Boo is starting school in September. As such, me being me, I’ve got all of her new uniform bought, labelled and ready. Today, I decided to pick her up one more pinafore as she tried her uniform on yesterday and looked totally adorable in the pinafore! When we got back home, I grabbed my name labels and duly labelled it up before hanging it in her wardrobe. It was at this point that I realised I needed to write this post as I want to share with you that Stikins are fabulous name labels – step away from the iron and needle!

My mum was here, and as I labelled it, she was impressed. She worked in a school, and of course was a parent herself, so she’d seen the usual sew in, iron on and Sharpie handwritten labelling, all of which in my view are hugely time-consuming. She hadn’t seen these, though, and cross-questioned me…

Stikins Labels

So, to fill you in, yes they stick onto clothing labels and don’t wash out, yes they go into shoes and stay put and yes they can also be used on bags, lunch-boxes, water bottles, and so on. I love them! We’ve used them since Boo started preschool 18 months ago on her lunch-box, bag, footwear and clothes, and I didn’t have to replace any. I will be using these forever more, as they’re simple to pop in and actually work.

You can buy 90 or go for 120, and I get STIKINS® Label Planet® from Amazon. They’re easy to order, as you just add the name that you want when ordering, and they arrive pretty quickly, though I’d guess they might be busy about now. So yes, I’m spreading the word, hoping that I might be able to save a few people some time.

Easy to Use Name Labels - Step Away from the Iron & Needle!

UPDATE: May 2016 – we are still using these and my son now has them for nursery, too. My daughter’s labels on her snack pots remain fully in tact and look as good as new, and she’s had those on there since she started school back in September 2014. I suspect the labels on her clothes would all have lasted, too, it’s simply that she’s outgrown them. But, I would point out that I have never had to replace a single one of these even after washes and washes of clothing and even the ones inside their shoes stay firmly put with their sweaty little feet rubbing around in there! They are so, so handy and I literally recommend them to everyone. Just last week the kids had to take in sun cream and sun hats to be kept at school and nursery and it took me seconds to just label their things up. I also pop a sticker on any toys or books that are going in to school/nursery to be played with and so far, so good, we’ve yet to lose a single item. Love these.

UPDATE: October 2018 – still love them! With both kids now at school, these Stikins are all over uniform, shoes, books, snack boxes, toys that go in for Show and Tell, everything! And I can count on one hand the amount of times, over four years, that I have had to replace a sticker. I love Stikins!

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post, or a requested review, it’s simply me sharing a fab product that I’m hoping will save others some time! That is, however, an affiliate link there to the product, meaning that if you click on it and buy it, I earn a few pennies.

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12 thoughts on “Fabulous Name Labels – Step Away from the Iron & Needle!”

  1. These sound perfect. I’ve been secondary school uniform shopping today, and given the cost I want to make sure it doesn’t get lost. I use iron on labels at the moment but these seem to fall off after a few washes.

  2. Brilliant! It’s always good to get a recommendation – I’ve gone from virtuously sewing labels into clothes to writing names on labels with a Biro that invariably washes out, so these labels might be just the thing! xx

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  4. These sound fantastic! With there only being 60 children or so in the boys’ school I don’t tend to have to worry about this going missing that much. However, had to label everything when they went on their Urdd weekend away. Do you pay two lots of p and p if you order two times £7.55? L.x

    1. They are brilliant! Hmm, I can’t remember. I know I ordered two lots last time for both of mine and I don’t think I paid postage twice, but I can’t be sure, sorry.

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