A Family Portrait – February 2014

It’s that time again to share a photo of the four of us together. It’s been tricky to get one, as for a week Boo and I were both ill, so not really in a photographing mood, and then everything we attempted, Little Man just wouldn’t stay still for.

But, we got there! This is the four of us in all our natural, rumpled, bed-headed glory! We had all just woken up, Boo had wandered into our room, and the Husband had grabbed Little Man from his cot. He was still sleepy enough not to be moving too much!


I kind of love the sleepy, messy look of the lot of us!

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32 thoughts on “A Family Portrait – February 2014”

  1. Those natural shots are always the nicest because no one is being forced to pose and you all look so chilled. Fab family portrait! x Mel

    1. Thank you. Ah, you see it’s all about the cuddles in the morning, but is totally a trampoline before bedtimes!

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