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Fascinating Facts About Your Progressive Lenses

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Have you heard of progressive lenses? Or are you already contemplating upgrading your bifocals? Many wearers of progressive lenses see them as the way forward, and many wearers who make the change, very rarely go back.

What are progressive lenses?

If you’re someone who is both near and far-sighted, then finding the right lenses for comfort and practicality can be a difficult process. But this is where progressive lenses come in. Progressive glasses at allow wearers to see at different distances clearly, without struggling with multiple pairs of frames or an unsightly line through the middle of their lenses (like bifocals). Using the latest in lens technology, these clever devices allow the wearer to see short distance, objects at long distance and use the middle or intermediate distance to switch between the two without squinting – all in one simple solution.  

Here we’ll explore some fascinating facts about your progressive lenses and what you should consider before purchasing them.

They take a little getting used to

This new kind of eyewear may take a little time to adjust to. Being able to train yourself to look through a certain part of your lens to see near or far, can take anything from 2 days to a month. You may feel a little dizzy as you adjust, but this is perfectly normal and as mentioned above, those who do make the switch, rarely go back.

Coffee notebook and eyewear

They could make your life a whole lot easier

As we get older, our vision starts to deteriorate and perhaps isn’t as strong or as clear as it once was. This is usually why we see people of an older generation bringing along reading glasses or investing in another pair of frames for driving. When you opt for progressive lenses you get everything you need in one simple frame. No more forgetting your glasses or bringing the wrong ones! Just one, stylish pair that you can wear throughout the day.

The bigger the frame, the better!

To make the most of your progressive lenses, you may need to adapt your frame preferences. The best way to adjust to your progressive lenses is to choose bigger frames that give you the right amount of coverage and allow your eyes to have more movement. Again, have a wide range of frames that will suit your needs and complement your look, effortlessly.

It’s YOU that makes the glasses work

For your progressive lenses to work correctly, it’s YOU that has to move your eyes to look through the right part of the lens. For example, looking through the top part of the lens for computer work and the bottom part for reading etc. If you fail to look through the right area of the lens then they won’t be effective, leaving you feeling frustrated and struggling to complete your chosen task.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post


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