Feasting At The Big Feastival

On Sunday we had a little trip out to Alex James’ farm in the Cotswolds, to enjoy feasting at The Big Feastival.

We’d not been before, so were keen to have a look around and see what it was all about. There were cooking demos on throughout the day, loads and loads of food to try, fun activities for the kids to get involved with, fairground rides, shops and stalls and of course, the live music.

Unfortunately, I think we managed to be there on the worst day of this summer as it absolutely hammered down with rain all day long, and despite being prepared with wellies, rain coats and a huge brolly, we had not anticipated just how cold it would be – because it’s supposed to be summer! The kids still managed to take part in a few activities and we watched the much anticipated Andy and the Odd Socks set on stage – my two do love CBeebies Andy!

The Big Feastival Andy and the Odd Socks

We decided to make the most of it, and warm ourselves up, by feasting at The Big Feastival. We tried several dishes and snacks, as well as numerous free tasters in the produce tents (Little Man adores a free taster!) and in this way discovered lots of new foods and brands that we now want to try.

I managed to photograph some of them, but some of them were snaffled up before I could get to them!

Those loaded tater tots were from Burger and Beyond and were so good. We also bought a cheeseburger from there that was one of the best burgers we’ve ever tried. The mac and cheese from Anna Maes had hot dog sausages and crispy onions on it and the kids want me to try to recreate it for them, and yes it was as good as it looks! We had a selection of brownies from Tarte & Berry, from the Kinder Bueno one pictured here to a strawberry crumble one – all very good! We also had a ham and cheese toastie from Alex James’s Cheese Hub and that was something special.

Despite the awful weather, we all had fun, we all LOVED the food, and we are keen to visit again next year – surely the weather can’t be that bad again then, can it?!

Did you visit? Tell me about your favourite foods there…

Disclosure: We received entry FOC

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