Festive Fun With Older Kids

Now that my kids are 14 and 11, the festive fun that we have has shifted a little from what we did when they were younger. They are too old for booking Santa visits, yet still too young to be out there celebrating with friends in the pub! It’s a fun time and these are the kind of things we’ll be getting up to to get into the festive mood with them. I hope it gives you a few ideas for your family.

(Includes mention of a FOC press event)

Christmas Jumpers

I know this one’s a marmite one, but I love a Christmas jumper.

I have more than I could possibly need, so I am wearing one every day of December now until Boxing Day. 

The kids have a couple so they’ll join in and if you have a reluctant teen, just go with it! This year my daughter was actually keen to choose a new jumper, last year she was having none of it, so I’ll see what each new teen year brings!

Decorating The Tree

Our tree is up! Yours?

I have not seen any excitement waning for the Christmas tree and decorations going up. If anything, I’d say they’re more keen this year than they have been in years.

Boo was excited to get herself some new decorations a couple of weeks ago for her room and both of them were very involved in decorating the house and tree. 

This one has to be accompanied by the sounds of Christmas music, the festivities really have to start here! 

Christmas Films

This one is a high priority in our house and such an easy way to get into the season.

We always, always, have our annual viewing of The Muppet Christmas Carol with my mum, brother and his family. This one started out as my mum, brother and I, then added in my husband, then my sister in law, and slowly but surely, our 4 kids. My baby niece will be experiencing her first Muppet Christmas this year, and at just a few weeks old, I hope she’s paying attention! 

We then watch a whole host of other films throughout December, including firm favourites that we have to watch every year. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, anyone?!

A Light Trail

This one has kicked off our festivities this year and it was beautiful.

We were invited along to the Luminate press event at the Botanical Gardens Birmingham a few days ago and it was enchanting.

It was all so well organised, the trail was fun and varied and we all enjoyed strolling round it with our hot chocolates.

It definitely put us all in a Christmassy mood and was such an easy and relaxed thing to do.

This is one that will be enjoyed by all ages and it’s a lovely trip idea for a family of all generations. 

Festive Food

My kids have always enjoyed their food, but the older they get, this one becomes a higher priority for them.

They get excited when the Heroes tins and Yule logs start arriving, they have chocolatey Advent calendars, they like the different snacks that are available at this time of year and they love the fact that around Christmas is often a snacky/takeaway kind of a time!

They also always love to make and decorate a gingerbread house, something they do each year with the Husband. Maybe your kids love baking Christmas cookies, helping with a Christmas cake or making mince pies. 

A National Trust Outing

We’re fortunate to have quite a few National Trust properties within around an hour’s drive from us so we do like to visit one or two at this time of year.

As we’re already members, it’s a fun and free Christmas outing.

Most properties have something going on for Christmas, some have markets, light trails, festive food, Santa meets and more. 

We’ll probably choose one to visit over the next couple of weekends and then we always visit one on Christmas Eve for a walk with the dog, accompanied by hot chocolates all round. 

Remember The Little Things

No matter how old the kids get, it’s often the little things that they’ve been doing for years that really get them feeling festive. 

Ask them what they’re looking forward to and there’s a good chance they’ll say something you’d not even thought of.

A certain decoration, something you tend to do at a certain point, a certain tradition that means something to them.

Always check in with them when you think you’ve got everything organised and arranged, they’ll no doubt come up with something you’ve missed off your list!

I hope this has given you some ideas to help you all get into the festive mood and have fun this year. What are your favourite family fun things to do?

Disclosure: Includes mention of a FOC press event

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2 thoughts on “Festive Fun With Older Kids”

  1. Things do change as the kids get older but I have realised we have came up with new traditions and fun things to do. Our tree is up and my eldest has her own tree in her room too. We love all the Christmas movies and have already watched our favourites and then by the time it’s just before Christmas we can watch them again. x

    1. Christmas movies are just the best! We’ve just started on them and we’ll watch plenty this month. You’re right, traditions just shift a little x

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