My Final Year With The Open University

This is it, I am about to embark upon what should be, all being well, my final year with the Open University.

It feels a bit funny to think that this time next year I won’t be excitedly embarking on a new module, seeing what it holds for me. I started this degree years ago, back before I was even married let alone a mum. I completed 120 credits back then, and then my career took off so it went on a back-burner until a couple of years ago. For the past two years I have been a student, and this will now be my final year (well, until that Masters I might get round to one day…..!)

This year I’ll be studying AA100: The Arts Past and Present, a level one course…

…and A332: Why is Religion Controversial?, a level three course.

As I registered to start this degree many, many years ago (1998, in fact!) I am on an old pathway that has allowed me to take the levels in any order that I want to, which is why I can now take a level one and a level three at the same time.

Both websites open this week, with the modules officially starting on the 7th October. As always, I have made an early start as I like to allow for things cropping up that throw off my study schedule. Fortunately, both sets of materials came nice and early in August, so I have had a chance to look over them and get a feel for them and have made small inroads. It’s early days, but I am really enthusiastic about both of them, both look interesting and appeal to me. Now this is the week that I really need to get to work.

From today, Little Man is at school full time, along with his big sister, so I can be a little more flexible on when I study compared to previous modules. However, I am taking two at the same time, so I have a bit more to do! I have yet to decide quite how I’ll study them, whether I will spend a week on one then a week on the other, or whether I’ll do a bit of both on a weekly basis. I suspect that’s something I’ll figure out as I go along, and I’ll let you know how it’s going in my next update.

Until then, wish me luck!

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9 thoughts on “My Final Year With The Open University”

  1. Yay! It’s my final year too and i can’t imagine doing two modules at thr same time but then I’m on the new regs 🙁 Here’s counting down to the start of term!

    1. Thanks, Kim, I’m really looking forward to both of them. And thanks, I am looking forward to collecting them today and checking that he’s all OK x

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