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As I write quite often here about sending snail mail or happy mail, and I talk about it over on Instagram and YouTube regularly, I am often getting asked where to find pen pals. As such,  today I thought it would be a useful post to share a few places to connect, a guide to where to find pen pals and start sending happy mail.

If the whole concept of happy mail and pen pals is all new to you, don’t worry as I share how to start to pen pal here to get you off the mark. As soon as you are happy with all of that, you can start your search for pen pals. 

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Why Have Pen Pals?

I adore putting pen to paper and writing a letter. There’s something so relaxing about it, and you do connect with people all over the country, or even all over the world. Then there’s that lovely feeling when you spy a handwritten missive in your pile of junk mail, and you just know you’ll be able to catch up on a friend’s news that day.

I write to several people, pen pals that I have found over the years in many different places – it’s funny how they come about sometimes, and now they’re friends. I also asked some people who regularly write to pen pals their reasons to have pen pals, and their answers were rather wonderful.

Sometimes you’ll naturally stumble across people like this, but to get going with pen pals, it can be handy to pop to a few sites and sign up to get snail mailing.


I love being asked where to find pen pals, as it reminds me that this is a hobby that people are increasingly looking to take up, to get back into corresponding the old-fashioned way. The pretty way! So here are a few ideas for you to try.

where to find pen pals

Where to Find Pen Pals

Pen Pal Websites

The following sites are ways to connect with and find pen pals, some are free, just check the specific details of each one…

Pen Pal World
Letter Writers Alliance
International Pen Friends
InterPals Penpals
Instagram – just search the #penpalswanted hash tag and you should find plenty there!
Join our Bring Back Paper Facebook group, it’s full on happy mail folks and people are welcome to post pen pal requests there. 

Etsy Store JocelynLovesPaper

If you’re looking to send one-off snail mail, then please do check out Post Pals the charity helping you to ‘Post a Smile on a Sick Child’s Face’ by the sending of cards, letters, emails and little gifts to seriously ill children and their siblings in the UK.

Pen Pals for Children

I’m also a huge advocate of children having pen pals. It gives them a reason to put pen to paper, and it’s lovely for them to receive post, too. Obviously, you’ll want to be involved in this, as I’m sure you will be anyway as my girl shows me all of her post excitedly, and we pop hers in the envelopes together as we decorate them with washi tape.

My daughter’s 7 and has 4 pen pals, all from different places.

She writes to the daughter of one of my pen pals, a friend of hers that lives a few miles away and she sees a handful of times each year, a pen pal we found using a pen pal service at a festival and someone that I found for her through my friends on social media. She absolutely loves receiving letters and enjoys sitting down to write them as I’m writing mine.

Perhaps your children have friends they don’t see that often? Or you’ve friends with children that might like to write? It’s a great hobby, and I do have a Children’s Pen Pal Pack available to get them started. 

Pen Pal Sign Up

I also run pen pal sign ups here several times a year (you can check this page for details of monthly activities).

They are always popular and we get a good mix of people across the world join in. Do subscribe to the blog or follow me on social media so that you spot when these sign-ups are running if you fancy getting yourself a pen pal or two, or even better, join the Bring Back Paper Club and join in the fun! 

We also now have Bring Back Paper Memberships, with exclusive monthly activities, discounts and an ongoing pen pal sign up. Check it out!

Get The Pen Pal Pack Here! Here’s a little glimpse….

Pen Pal Printables

Inspired? Found a pen pal? Then you might enjoy What to Write to Your Pen Pal and Snail Mail: What to Send

where to find pen pals

If you’re new to Bring Back Paper, you can find out more about it all here. You can join our Facebook group here and do ensure that you sign up to my email list below to receive news, tips, updates and activities.

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28 thoughts on “Where to Find Pen Pals”

    1. Yes, I’ve friends via this, too, it’s how I got back into it all, but I wasn’t sure it was still running to be honest. Hope it is, it’s lovely x

  1. Thanks for putting this together. I have had so many pen pals over the years and I’d love to start it up again. I’ll be looking forward to your pen pal sign up.

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  9. I just would love to have a military pen pal I know years ago there was such things just to send a letter to let them know that you are thinking and praying for them please if you could find one for me please

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  11. Years ago I wrote to pen pals and so enjoyed sending and receiving the friendly letters. I look forward to the prospect of learning and sharing is letters with new friends.

  12. Hi Jocelyn, I’m praying you may be able to help me. I’m trying hard to find a site to register my son who is incarcerated and wishes to have pen pals to write to. Would you be able to help me or maybe direct me to where I can do this for my so? He would love to receive letters from anyone around the world. All your help is greatly appreciated. God bless you. Thank you so very much.

  13. I am new to your website/blog. I signed up this morning. I live in the USA so sometimes it is hard to dpop or getthings you mention. How do I get the free paper/stationery you talk about?

    1. Hello and welcome! If you’re referring to the free writing paper that I share from time to time, just pop ‘free paper’ into the search bar on the blog and they will come up for you.

  14. I actually like the concept of penpal but I don’t really know how safe it is and what and how to start. I mean I have heard about this many a times and the comment section is also all about good things so I just wanted to know some more things about this concept.

    1. Thanks for your interest in it. I’ve written quite a few posts about pen pals and how it all works, so just search ‘pen pals’ in my search bar and take a look around. I also have pen pals videos over on my YouTube channel that might be handy too. If you do decide to go for it, I hope you enjoy it.

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