Find Your Happy Workbook

Find Your Happy Workbook

Today I am excited to be sharing with you the Find Your Happy Workbook, created by Katie over at Find The Good Everyday.

Find Your Happy Workbook

I have followed Katie on social media for quite some time now and always enjoy the upbeat posts and tips that she shares over on Instagram. We have also collaborated together a couple of times, and it’s been an absolute pleasure to work with her.

Katie has shared her tips about keeping a journal for my Bring Back Paper Members this month and guest blogged for me about Creating a Mini-Book Using 1 Sheet of Paper

As such, I spotted that she launched a workbook all about happy journaling, so tempted and intrigued, I recently treated myself to one.

I have dipped into various kinds of journaling habits over the years, and whenever I do, I do feel the benefits. I am keen to develop this this year, so the Find Your Happy workbook seemed like a great place to start. 

The workbook kicks off with an introduction and some practical tips to help you to get into the journal habit. 

Find Your Happy Workbook Making Time

Katie suggests several ways to use the workbook, and I have opted to work on 1 prompt daily, to help settle me into January and the journal habit. 

The book is made up of 3 key parts, a snapshot of life at the moment, daydreaming about our ideal life and then a focus on tips and tools to move us from our current life to our ideal life. 

There are plenty of prompts and pages all designed to get you thinking, and I think it is valuable to pause and work through prompts like this. It’s funny how you realise things and see them much more clearly when you stop and pay attention in this way. 

Find Your Happy Workbook What Do You Want To Try

I love how brightly coloured the workbook is, it does make me feel happy just getting it out and settling down with it each day. 

I have been working on it for a week so far and am finding myself looking forward to completing it daily. I always ensure I use colourful pens with it! 

Find Your Happy Workbook Dream Day

I am thoroughly enjoying completing the Find Your Happy workbook, making my way through the various pages and prompts.

It is helping me to think more clearly and I have long been an advocate of getting things out on paper and emptying your thoughts out this way. 

There are both digital and physical versions of the workbook available, just pop to Find The Good Everyday to find out more. 

Would this be something you would enjoy using?

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  1. Thank you so much for buying Find Your Happy and for writing this lovely blog post about it Jocelyn. I really appreciate it! Best wishes for continuing your journalling practice.

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