Five Under £5 For January

Whilst I was having an early morning scroll through Instagram over the weekend, I spotted Julia’s #fiveunder5 series and promptly fell in love! Every month she shares five things she’s found, each for under £5, for a little fun and inspiration and invites others to do the same, and so here I am.

This month my five items are a mix of home, beauty and books…


Yankee Candle Tealights: Christmas Memories

These were £3.49 in the sale at Clintons, as they’re Christmassy scents. I bought another couple of packs, too, Candy Canes and Christmas Cookie. I love Yankee Candles, and I’ve been bought a couple of gorgeous burners over the last year so I have them burning every evening.

Sarah Bernhardt Peony

For just £1! From the pound shop, so totally and utterly irresistible! I adore peonies, and have several now. I just wish that they bloomed a little longer than they do, but then for £1, I’ll take the hit!

Bluesky Nail Polish Pretty In Pink

OK, so this was actually £5.50 from Tesco, though close enough, I think? And in my case it was actually free as the Husband had a Tesco gift card so I had this little treat!

Summer at Shell Cottage by Lucy Diamond

Another Tesco gift card treat. This was in the 2 for £7 offer, and it’s the first Lucy Diamond book I have read. I really enjoyed it, so I will be on the lookout for more.

Horrible Histories Books

These were all just £1 each from Poundworld. My daughter really enjoys the TV programme, and I do like to foster a love of history, so I grabbed these bargains when I spotted them there this week.

So there you have it, my five under £5 for January. Would any of these things have tempted you?

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20 thoughts on “Five Under £5 For January”

  1. Fab #fiveunder5 love a bargain. I love Lucy Diamond. I’ve just finished this one too. Summer at the beach cafe is a great summer read. x

  2. Oh I love peonies as well and what an absolute bargain! I don’t have any but love them so might have to invest. The Horrible Histories books are great too and my son loves this series. Thanks so much for joining in with #fiveunder5! x Julia

  3. I’m totally with you about peonies. Mine finally bloom then without fail we have heavy rain the next day that batters them! Our new house there’s a few so I’m hoping to add to them
    Charlie is mad on horrible histories but only has 1 book so may have to have a look. Thanks xx

  4. Ooh, you found some good bargains. Love the peony, will have to keep my eye out for one of them. I always end up mooching up the book aisle in Tesco, I’m surprised how much they stock. My sister in law got me some of the pine smelling yankee candles for Christmas and I’m debating whether or not to use them now or save them for next year 🙂 xx #fiveunder5

  5. I love the Yankee candle Christmas range & must confess to burning some of them year round! I will have to have a look in Poundworld for those Horrible Histories books my niece would really enjoy them.

  6. The horrible histories and Yankee Candles would have definitely tempted me. I love my little burner, it’s is almost permenantly lit in the kitchen. I don’t know Lucy Diamond, I will have to check her out. Good works with your husband’s gift card. A great five xx

  7. I love your items this week, we love the Horrible Histories books too, used to enjoy reading them as a girl and hope Midge will be into it too. I can’t resist a Christmassy candle or spray they’re just lovely smells that I don’t mind all year round! x #fiveunder5

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