Five Under £5 for March

It’s that time again, so I’m taking part in Julia’s #fiveunder5 series for this month, where I will share with you five things that I’ve bought for under a fiver in recent weeks….

We went on an outing into Birmingham recently, and as is always the case we spent an inordinate amount of time in the Disney shop, before then roaming around and picking up a few little treats.

No trip to the city centre is complete without visiting Lush. The kids love it in there and I find I have to drag Little Man away as he wants to touch and sniff every single item! So whilst there, we picked up a couple of firm favourites, a Whoosh shower jelly (£3.75) and a Sakura bath bomb (£3.50).

We then picked up the Best Of Bowie CD, as we, along with the rest of Britain no doubt, realised that we didn’t have enough Bowie in our collection, so rectified that oversight. It was in the 2 for £10 offer at HMV, meaning that the kids got to pick up a DVD too.

And then books and bulbs have lured me again! The book, my first by Jean Plaidy an author I keep meaning to try, was in the sale at our local The Works reduced to just 70p so I had to buy it. Then the gladioli bulbs were in the pound shop, and I could not resist as I like to have later flowering plants to keep the summery blooms going for as long as possible.

All necessities this month!

So what about you? What have you been unable to resist buying this month?

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6 thoughts on “Five Under £5 for March”

  1. These are lovely picks for this month, a little bit of everything! I just love Lush, I could buy the whole shop and I’ve never tried shower jelly so will have to look out for that. Good finds in the works and pound shops too, definitely couldn’t leave them for that price! xx #fiveunder5

  2. These are definitely all necessities! What is it about the Disney Store, I always have to spend ages in there with the kids too and we never really end up buying anything! Fun to look though. Bowie is certainly a good buy, what a bargain too, love it! Thanks so much for joining in xx

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