It’s Flowering at Charlecote Park

We decided to go off and explore another National Trust property at the weekend, Charlecote Park. It was raining, of course (we’ve yet to visit any of these gardens when it’s dry – oh, how I long for that day!), but the flowers were still out and looking rather colourful…

Charlecote Park Mar14 026

Charlecote Park Mar14 025

Charlecote Park Mar14 021

Charlecote Park Mar14 023

Charlecote Park Mar14 024

Charlecote Park Mar14 019

Charlecote Park Mar14 047

And, at the exit there, they have a rather lovely little plants nursery, which if it hadn’t been raining, I suspect I’d have spent a fair bit of time (and cash!) at…

Charlecote Park Mar14 043

I’m certain this means Spring is lurking somewhere near, doesn’t it?

If you’d like to look at more beautiful flowers and gardens, pop on over to Mammasaurus for her weekly How Does Your Garden Grow? linky.

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40 thoughts on “It’s Flowering at Charlecote Park”

  1. That was the first open day of the year I think at Charlecote wasn’t it, we very nearly went there but opted for slightly closer to home! I love the house and gardens. You managed to get some beautiful images considering it was raining too. Is that your new camera you’re having a play around with? And absolutely agree with you, a nice seasonally warm day is long overdue xx

  2. that looks like a wonderful place to visit… I love NT houses and gardens and I often visit in the rain too πŸ™‚ that nursery looks amazing and so neat! x

  3. What a pity it rained !! Though I love the closeup little red flower and the white hyacinths too. Looks like you’re getting plenty of practice in despite the weather not cooperating !!

  4. I love Charlecote Park and use it a stop off point on the way to my sister in Sheffield. I love the sensory garden and the sweeping banks of the river. Wish it was closer πŸ™‚

    1. I really loved it. It was our first visit there, but we will be back. I’ve blogged more about our visit in a post that’ll be up on Saturday, so look out for that one πŸ™‚

  5. Wow, that primrose shot is stunning, especially with the rain drops! And I love the look of those cabbage-like plants…shame your excursion into the shop was cut short because of rain.

  6. We must go to our local National Trust garden soon and enjoy its spring offering. Love that yours sells plants too. I spy rows of Heucheras which I love. Great pics especially with the rain drops on the primrose.

  7. Ah such lovely big and bright photos – love them to bits , especially that nursery shot at the end. Oh how I’d love a good rummage there!
    Spring is here, bright and beautiful – ace isn’t it?
    Sorry about the delay in commenting, I’m back from my trip now and loving reading through all the posts. And as usual – thanks for joining in x

    1. Thank you, I do love seeing the splashes of colour when we’re out and about now. It surely means Spring has arrived?!
      Hope you had a brilliant trip, and thanks for hosting x

  8. What a fabulous post Jocelyn, it looks wonderful there. I love the close-ups especially that red and yellow number – just gorgeous! Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend πŸ™‚

    1. It is so beautiful. We definitely want up return and explore again in the sunshine. The house was beautiful and take cash ready for the plant sales!

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