Found by Salina Yoon – Review

We were recently sent another of Salina Yoon’s picture books, and having reviewed and enjoyed Penguin in Love, we sat down to read it as soon as it arrived!

found by salina yoonFound by Salina Yoon

When Bear finds a lost stuffed toy bunny in the forest, he begins to worry. After all, the stuffed bunny must feel lonely and want to return safely to its owner and home! But as Bear diligently searches for the bunny’s owner, posting notices high and low, he begins to grow attached to his newfound friend. What will happen when the bunny’s owner finally comes forward? Was Bear meant to find Bunny all along? Prolific author/illustrator Salina Yoon’s spare text and bright, energetic illustrations bring to life this endearing story celebrating love and friendship in many forms, reminding us that nothing is lost that is not meant to be found. (Bloomsbury Publishing)

This is such a sweet story, and I found myself rooting for Bear to be able to keep hold of his newly found bunny friend from the first page. As with Penguin in Love, the illustrations are fabulous and the story heart-warming. You’ll find yourself going ‘aww’, and wanting to give them cuddles at the end!

It’s been a real hit here, with both children enjoying it, but this is one that I’ve given to Little Man. At nearly 20 months, he can often make his reading preferences clear, by batting away books and quite vehemently telling me no if he doesn’t want them again, but with this one, he’s had it most evenings for over a week now, and still smiles and enjoys it daily. The pages are bright and fun, the story is easy for him to follow and I think it’s a great length for a bedtime story.

Thanks very much to Bloomsbury Publishing for sending us a copy to review. It’s out in paperback from 8th May.

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