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Four Tips to Maintain a Designer Bathroom on a Budget

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Getting the designer bathroom of your dreams is a wonderful moment. And yet, all too soon, your beautiful spare lines are cluttered as the family buy more hair-care and skincare products, squeeze in an extra towel or two, or demand more storage than there is space to provide. How can you maintain your designer look bathroom without breaking the budget? Let’s take a look.

Easy Maintenance from the Ground Up

Plan for easy maintenance from the moment you decide on a new bathroom.

Storage baskets temptingly to hand will be gratefully used, towel rails and clothing hooks too will save sodden heaps of fabric squelching underfoot, and dirt resistant mirrors and tiles will shrug off the worst soap and toothpaste residue with the lightest of cleaning schedules on your part. If you had issues with a clogged toilet, there’s a solution for that one, too! No-clog toilet makes your life just a bit easier.

It might cost a little more, but opting for labour saving features right at the start of your bathroom journey will mean that you can adhere fully to your dream – no compromises or excess costs needed later on!

clean bathroom

Save on Space

Every bathroom should have a lot in common with a yacht or caravan interior – plenty of reasonably priced, cunning storage options squeezed into every available space, but done so in such a way that you never feel overcrowded or claustrophobic in your bathroom.

For consultations about such fittings, you can speak to the experts in luxury showroom bathrooms in Harrogate – at Harrogate Bathrooms.

Décor Tiles: Feature Walls

A great way to declutter a bathroom without losing any of the vibrant colours and patterns that you love is by having these patterns picked out in the walls and built in storage units.

Painted designs, especially those designed to fit into even the smallest bathrooms, look great, don’t cost a lot, and catch the eye of all who see them, and they do so without taking up even a millimetre of space. And space in a bathroom is a precious commodity indeed!

Enhance your décor or dramatically change the appearance of the room by adding a strongly coloured accent wall – the difference it makes will surprise you!

Constant Progress

Finally, make your bathroom a constant work in progress.

This month replace those tarnished cabinet handles, next month, replace those two or three lifting linoleum tiles. By slowly and steadily working through issues that appear in your designer bathroom, you will slowly and steadily keep it looking great and welcoming, and all without spending more than you can afford.

This method of work is particularly effective if your bathroom is relatively new with only a few small cosmetic changes to be made every now and then at the cost of a few pounds each time: easily manageable compared to trying to do it all at once!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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