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Free Mail Tag Printables

Today I want to talk happy mail. Because I love happy mail! I want to chat about snail mail and share with you some free mail tag printables that you can download now. 

Why send happy mail?

This is a good question, and in a time of emails, texts and social media, there are certainly easier and faster ways to communicate. 

But happy mail is just that, happy. It is so much more than an email in your inbox, so much more than a quick text.

Sending a letter to someone dedicates time to them, shows them that you are thinking of them and brightens their day when it lands.

And it’s not all about the recipient either. Taking the time to slow down and pen a letter and pop some snail mail together is relaxing and enjoyable for the sender too. 

You might find these reasons to have pen pals and how to start to pen pal help you out if you’re curious.

happy mail

Where to find pen pals?

Now, if you are reading this and thinking to yourself that you would love your first pen pal, or you would like to have more pen pals, then help is at hand!

The pen pal community is thriving and there are plenty of people out there only too happy to brighten your letter box with some happy mail. 

You can check out this post, where to find pen pals, and I would suggest signing up for my newsletter below as I often share happy mail tips and run pen pal signs up throughout the year. Don’t miss it!


mail tag printables

What’s a mail tag?

A mail tag is a fun way to learn more about your friend. 

Along with a note or letter, you include a mail tag in your post to your pen pal. This mail tag asks them questions and tags them to reply to you with their answers.

They are super simple to do and can be a great addition to your happy mail and a novel way of getting to know more about one another. 

Free Mail Tag Printables

Mail tag ideas

The great thing about mail tags is that you can do absolutely anything with them.

You could theme them or make the completely random. You could complete them yourself and then ask the same questions of your pen pal. You could just throw out a list ideas for your pen pal to complete. 

You might like to check out my mail tag ideas post for lots of ideas on this. 

free mail tags

Grab your free mail tag printables here

These printables are easy to grab, you just need to click the link to download and print them.

Click the link below for your printable mail tags.

Free Mail Tags

And there you have it, 3 mail tag templates you can use with your happy mail. 

Want more? My Etsy shop is stocked with pen pal printables, so do pop over there if you are looking for more, there are plenty of papery printables to choose from.

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