That ‘Fries-day’ Feeling!

A couple of weeks ago I shared all about McCain’s ‘Fries-day’ campaign. It means that Friday becomes ‘Fries-day’ here and it’s a chance for the kids to choose their favourite teatime meal. After a full-on week, I do like to make Friday an easy meal night, so this has taken it to the next level as the children now run ‘Fries-day’ tea, even going as far as writing the shopping lists for me…

Writing Fries-day Lists

They really do take ‘Fries-day’ seriously and check with me each time the shopping is delivered that their food order has arrived. It will always include McCain Crispy French Fries, usually with beans or sweetcorn and then the main varies from week to week. It’s always an easy make, so typically fish fingers, chicken nuggets, pulled pork burgers, sausages or pizza. Then when ‘Fries-day’ rolls around, they get home from school and are off to the freezer to make their selection.

Fries-day selection

Fries-day tea

Pizza and fries are always a hit here and it’s a great ‘Fries-day’ tea as I know every last bite will be eaten!

The big win for me on ‘Fries-day’ is that it encourages the kids to get involved with helping in the kitchen. The kids get the food out, make sure that the table is laid, I pop it in the oven and then go and enjoy some time with them both whilst it cooks.

We tend to go for a movie or games when we get in from the school run, so we can all unwind together after a busy week. This time we fit in a game of Articulate for Kids and then moved onto High School Musical – lots of fun!

Fries-day games

Then within half an hour, dinner is served and we can all sit down to it feeling relaxed and looking forward to the weekend.


Fries-day dinner

Have you made Friday a #Friesday in your house with @McCainUK?

McCain Crispy French Fries are available from all major supermarkets: RRP 1.4kg for £2.80

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  1. I kinda stopped buying Mccains fries a few months back because I was going through a home made chips phase. I really need to get them back in my life for those quick dinner times!

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