Fruit Shoot Easy Squeezy Smooth Jams

We’ve been carrying out some taste-testing here, sampling the new Robinsons Fruit Shoot easy squeezy smooth jams…

Fruit Shoot jam

They’re made with 30% less sugar than standard jams, and there are no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners. They come in easy to use squeezy bottles.

There are three different flavours, which Boo likes choosing from at lunchtimes now! There is Apple & Blackcurrant, Orange and Strawberry & Summer Fruits.

fruit shoot jams

As they are smooth and squeezy, they do come out of the bottle easily, which makes sandwich making nice and fast (I’m not the only one that has kids haranguing me for their food at lunchtime, am I?!)

fruit shoot easy squeezy jam

This also means that they can be a little runny, so after my first lesson in this, with jam leaking on the kids!, I used a lot less the second time, and all was well. Which is also rather handy, as it means it’ll all last longer, too. We’ve had jam sandwiches and jam on toast with it so far, and our next plan will be using it as a topping on some ice cream, rather than syrup. They do taste nice, and Boo’s quote is that they’re ‘delicious’, and she tells me that she likes all three of them. Little Man favoured the Strawberry & Summer Fruits flavour of the three, as he wasn’t as interested in the others (to be honest, he has days where he won’t eat any sandwiches, so next week, this could all be a different story!) Personally, I think the flavours are good, particularly the Apple and Blackcurrant, but I like bits in my jam, though I know plenty don’t, and my kids certainly seem to prefer these. I do like the squeezy jam method, as I hate getting margarine in the jam off my knife when I’m spreading, so this prevents that minor irritation!

The verdict? – they’re fast to serve up, have less sugar than standard jams and taste good. Yes, we will get these again. Oh, and as an extra bonus with this product, the sound of the jam being squeezed out is hilarious to the kids. Not something you get with most other food types, so a real asset….!

What do you think of them?

Disclosure: We received the jams FOC, but all words and opinions remain my own

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27 thoughts on “Fruit Shoot Easy Squeezy Smooth Jams”

  1. I’ve never understood squeezy ‘spreads’ as you still need to use a knife to spread them… I’m sure kids would love them though! x

  2. How have I only recently discovered squeezy jam?? My 5yo is very hit & miss so glass jars would soon be mouldy so I switched but id never heard of Fruit Shoot jams. Perfect!! #triedtested

    1. Jocelyn Reading

      Yep, my kids like a Fruit Shoot! Loads less mess, so easy to use. And they’re yummy! Thanks for hosting x

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