Fruity Wheat Bisks

I shared earlier this week that we’ve been working with Princes and their #mumsontherun campaign. They are encouraging us to keep canned fruit in for easy and speedy breakfasts, ensuring less food waste whilst helping us to get one of our five a day.

The kids have really been enjoying getting involved in creating breakfast recipes each day, which is lovely to see and they are then really excited to try the different fruits and flavours. Little Man is always up for trying new things, though can then be fussy about what he does and doesn’t like. Boo on the other hand eats a great range of food but can be reluctant to try new flavours. This campaign has been great as they have felt a part of choosing the foods and coming up with different ideas, so I have seen no hesitation from them about trying the breakfasts that we then make.

From my point of view, this ticks a lot of boxes. We’re all eating more fruit daily, I need not worry about running out between weekly shops as the fruit remains fresh canned, and the breakfasts that we have tried so far have all been very quick and easy to make. I’m having the same breakfasts as the children, which is something that they like and speeds things up.

The kids’ favourite breakfast so far is this one, Fruity Wheat Bisks…


Fruity Wheat Bisks


Place 2 wheat bisks in a bowl.

(optional: add milk)

Add 2 tablespoons of Greek yoghurt

Top with Princes mandarin segments

So simple and it tastes so nice! And it is good for us, which is the point of all of this. To help us to always have fruit on hand to be able to offer up healthy breakfasts, and in this home, it’s certainly made a difference. We have got a few new ideas for breakfasts, the kids have loved getting involved, and we are all enjoying getting more fruit into our diets.

Could this be something that works in your home?

Oh, and do not miss the brilliant competition that Princes are running with me, with a Princes hamper and £80 worth of shopping vouchers up for grabs!

Disclosure: Written in collaboration with Princes, though all words and opinions are my own

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