Fun Additions To Your Happy Mail

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Thanks to the pen pal sign up last month, I know many more of you are now sending snail mail, so today I wanted to share a little papery inspiration with you, some fun additions to your happy mail.

I will preface this, as I always do, with the fact that you do not have to send anything at all other than a chatty letter. That is peak happy mail, that’s what we all want. But I know some of you like to have a play and send other bits and bobs too, so this is for those of you looking to get creative. 

Pocket Letters 

These are always fun to make and send.

They can take a little time to prepare, but I tend to cut up and make a few at a time so that they are ready for me to add the little extras to for each pen pal.

You can find out how to make a pocket letter here if you’d like to try one of these.

Mini Books

It can be fun to add in a little mini book with your snail mail from time to time.

There are many different ways to create these, here’s one way where you can create a mini book using one sheet of paper

You can tailor these every time to your pen pal, and can change of the colours and decorations each time you make them. 

Mail Tags

These are so quick and easy to add to your mail and are a great way to find out more things about your pen pal.

Mail tags are fun to send to get to know a new pal, or can be sent to friends you’ve known for years to get their take on current favourites or preferences.

If you’ve not heard of mail tags, check out  my mail tag ideas post and all will become clear. 

I also created some free mail tag printables if you’d like to use those. Help yourself!

free mail tags

Happy Mail Extras

Along with a letter, you might want to add in a little something extra.

As I have already said, you don’t need to do this, a letter is always the main point of sending happy mail. But I do get asked this question, so I know some of you like to send extras from time to time. 

There are endless possibilities here, you just need to think about what you can fit, postage costs and things that are safe to send, especially if sending overseas. 

It could be anything from treats such as simple things like teabags, stickers and paperclips, or maybe you’d like to make something more personal such as a handmade bookmark or you could create custom keychains for your pals. 

I have shared a list of 65 things to send with your happy mail, there should be something on there to inspire you!

Pen Pal Printables

Pen Pal Packs

I have put together several different designs of pen pal packs over in my Etsy store. 

The packs all include themed writing paper, blank and lined, and then various mail tags and fun sheets to add to your letter.

As they are downloadable products, buy once and use as many times as you like! You can print copies off and cut them out to decorate the envelopes too, you can have a whole theme thing going on. Take a closer look at one of the packs here and you’ll see what I mean.

The Bring Back Paper Pinterest board will always have ideas for you to check out too, so do follow that one for papery inspiration. 

If you do decide to try something different with your happy mail, do let us know! Use the #bringbackpaper hashtag on social media or drop by the Bring Back Paper Facebook group and share. 

Have fun! 

If you’re new to Bring Back Paper, you can find out more about it all here. You can join our Facebook group here and you can sign up to join my mailing list below, for all the latest news, updates, ideas and activities. 


Disclosure: This is a collaborative post 

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