Fun at Dogs Unleashed

Over the weekend we travelled up to Bakewell to Dogs Unleashed. I can’t quite remember how I found out about it, but the shows are billed as “The Ultimutt Doggy Days Out” so I knew that we had to give it a go!

It ran over the whole weekend, with camping available onsite, but we were only just over an hour away so we visited on Saturday. We wanted to take Herbie to somewhere with lots of dogs for him to socialise and learn how to behave in a busy place. There were definitely lots of dogs, practically everyone there had their dog with them, which was lovely to see. We spotted several miniature dachshunds, too, so Herb met all of those! It was a really good experience for him, with so many new sights, sounds and smells for him to take in.

Herbie is only 20 weeks old, so we didn’t want to over exercise him and keep him out for hours, but you could easily stay for the entire day with an older dog. There is so much to see and for them to try, which I feel is the real appeal of these days out. We spotted various agility, exercise and training fields, recall races, a digging sand pit, several huge water pools, and there were fun dog shows running throughout the day. Many of these were free to try, or were a pound or two to have a go. Dogs were queuing up to try them!

There were plenty of stalls to look around selling a huge variety of products for dogs, and we all enjoyed browsing around these, Herbie included. He liked meeting stall holders and he did well as he gained a new toy and some treats.

There were also several places to stop and sit, eateries for us humans, and shows and displays to enjoy. And of course, there were water bowls for pups every few feet so the dogs were well taken care of.

We all really enjoyed ourselves and Herbie had a brilliant time. He was wagging and sniffing his way round and then instantly fell into an exhausted slumber as soon as he got back into his car carrier!

There are more Dogs Unleashed days out scheduled in for September at Uttoxeter racecourse, so if you like the look of this, there is another one coming!

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