Fun At Twycross Zoo

We had a fun at Twycross Zoo over the weekend. It is always a favourite place to visit, and we know it so well now that the kids babbled away excitedly during the journey there about all of the animals that they are looking forward to seeing.

As we arrived as they opened, it was quite early in the morning and the animals were very active, more so than we’ve seen before. We also noticed that there were lots of babies around to see and we managed to spot most of them throughout the day.

The zoo is very easy to work your way around as it’s pretty much all flat so no steep hills to battle up in the heat and armed with your handy map, you can make your way around it without having to keep crisscrossing back on yourselves to see everything.

Each habitat includes lots of easy to digest information about the animals, from where they live in the wild to what they eat to how vulnerably they are. This is the area that Boo was most interested in, as we saw more animals than we’d like on the endangered lists. In this way, every visit is educational and also raises awareness about conservation concerns.

I can’t begin to list all of the animals that we saw, but I’d say our highlights from this trip were the gibbons as there was a baby gibbon endlessly swinging and playing, and jumping on his parent’s head! and then the lemur walk as we’ve never seen so many out and about as we did this time. It was wonderful to be able to get so close to them. The kids also loved the play areas, which are scattered around the zoo, and of course the ice lolly stops. Goes without saying, right?

There is a new chimpanzee habitat, Chimpanzee Eden. It’s a huge new area for the chimpanzees to live and interact with one another. There were several to see inside, and then this area is connected by overhead tunnels to a big outside enclosure, too. Little Man settled in and spent ages watching them, such fascinating animals.

If you’re thinking of a family visit, then we’d always recommend it. We’re very lucky as we’re only around half an hour away, you can check out our trip there earlier this year. Twycross Zoo is easy to find, just a few minutes off the M42 with plenty of free parking on site. There are several restaurants, and kiosks for snacks are dotted around the zoo, along with benches and picnic spaces. Give it a go and have fun!

Disclosure: We received entry FOC to the zoo

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