A Fun Day Out At Twycross Zoo

On Saturday we kicked off half term with a fun day out to Twycross Zoo.

Twycross Zoo is one of my favourite days out, as I have so many happy memories of going there when I was a child, and it’s now great to see my kids enjoying it so much.

The zoo has over 500 animals, 150 species, and as well as all of the zoo life, there are also playgrounds dotted about and plenty of places to stop for drinks and food.

We always enjoy visits to Twycross Zoo, always. The zoo flows nicely round so we don’t feel like we’re crisscrossing about to see everything, and I suppose the fact that we like to visit regularly helps us as we have a good idea of how to get around.

The Gibbon Forest is a great place to start and to be honest, Little Man didn’t really want to leave there. His favourite animals are monkeys and apes, so this area was perfect for him and we got to see plenty of gibbons up close. In addition to the many monkeys to see there, Twycross Zoo has all four great apes; gorillas, orangutans, bonobos and chimpanzees, so Little Man was in his element. His favourites tend to be orangutans so we spent quite a lot of time at that enclosure watching them, and there was a baby to see there, too.

It was lovely to see so many baby animals, Boo loved spotting them as relevant enclosures do have a sticker telling visitors that there is a baby animal in there.

Boo adores zebras and giraffes, and of course guinea pigs. She’s also very partial to an elephant. They were all there!

Me, I like penguins and tapirs – there’s something quite fascinating about a tapir. We visited both and the penguins were putting on a show shouting, diving and waddling about. I could watch them all day.

As well as the larger zoo animals, there is also a butterfly house that we enjoy, along with a playground, goat walk-through and pets corner.

There are several walk-through enclosures, from the goats to lemurs to birds. Boo and the Husband walked through the lorikeet enclosure (Little Man was eating at the time, as he often is, so we couldn’t go in) and I am sad that I missed it as apparently a lorikeet landed on the Husband’s head! I so wish I’d seen that!

As always when we visit, we had a great time. It was quite a busy day yet we still felt we could see all of the animals, and they were very active. All of the babies were just adorable to see, and I like the fact that every time we return they have improved even more enclosures and it looks like they have plans for more this year. It’s always a fun day out for us.

If you are thinking of going, this February half term they have a brilliant offer running, with tickets at £10 per Adult and £5 per Child, the details are on the website.

What animals do your kids love to see?

Disclosure: We received entry FOC to the zoo

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    1. Oh yes, that’d be perfect as they are near to one another. We love Thomasland, too, it’s only about 15 minutes from us. Have a fab break when you go! x

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