Funny and Unusual Kids Costume Ideas for Parties

Has your child been invited to a costume party, but you’re not quite sure how to best fit the theme? Or maybe you’re already looking forward to Halloween. A good rule of thumb is not to take fancy dress too seriously; after all, it’s supposed to be fun! So don’t stress, and consider using one of these funny costume ideas, organized by general theme.

funny and unusual kids costume ideas

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Past Decades

If you think back to some of the funniest costumes you’ve seen on an adult, there’s a good chance that some of them are throwbacks to past decades. You can apply this same concept to funny kids’ costumes – the disco queen, a group of hippies, or Roaring 20’s gangsters. In fact, this can look quite hilarious on a child who clearly wasn’t alive during that decade. Depending on your child’s age, you may be able to find vintage clothing at a thrift store that fits the theme, raid your own closet, or you can buy specialty costumes within this theme.

Rock Stars

Kids love to prance around dressed as a mini rock star. Look at rock icons of the past, whether it’s Kurt Cobain, the Beatles, or David Bowie in his Ziggy Stardust days. These can all provide you with inspiration. A particularly funny time period for rock star costumes is the hair metal era of the 1980s. If you dress your child up as a tiny Axl Rose or Bon Jovi, you’ll need plenty of makeup, hairspray, and glamorous glittery clothing. This can be a great costume idea for boys and girls alike.

TV and Film Characters

Pop culture is always a good point of reference for humorous costumes. Simply browse through funny fancy dress costumes at Funidelia or other retailers and you’ll see everything from Derek Zoolander to Bad Santa represented in the funny costume category. This is a popular option for kids as well, whether it’s Spongebob Squarepants or Wednesday Addams. There are loads of funny options available in TV and film.


For some reason, we seem to love dressing up our kids as items of food. From dressing babies up as hotdogs in buns to putting older kids in a banana costume, it’s hard to deny the comedy inherent in food costumes. The only thing to remember if you choose this theme is that food costumes can be pretty bulky, which can make it difficult to play party games or run around with their friends. Do a trial run first at home to see if the costume’s wearable enough for a party.

Toys Come to Life

Finally, another category to consider is that of toys brought to life. Need inspiration? Think of “Toy Story” with its Mr. Potato Head, Buzz Lightyear, and Barbie come to life. A toy troll with its rainbow tufts of hair would make a very funny costume, as would a cabbage patch kid, toy soldier, or baby doll. Just take a look through your kid’s toy box and start thinking about what would be workable with the time you have on hand.

Whether you decide to make your own costumes or look for a readymade version online, these are all funny costume ideas that will help ensure your kid is the life of his next costume party!

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