Game of Thrones Season 6 is Coming…

…and I suspect that Winter won’t be far behind it.


Now there aren’t many shows that have me literally counting down until it starts again, the date of Monday 25th April emblazoned on my brain. But Game of Thrones will do that to you, won’t it? It will be simulcast with the US at 2am on Sky Atlantic and then repeated at 9pm. Plus the Catch Up episode will be available from around 3am. And if you’ve yet to get into this, seasons 1-5 are available on NOW TV, so you can still catch up!

Season 5 has left me with a lot of questions. Will Arya see again? Is Bran still in that tree (did we even see him in season 5? He’s been there for a while!)? Did Sansa and Theon make the jump? Where is Khaleesi now and will the Dothrakis harm her? How will Cersei react to that horrendous walk of shame? Will Jaime turn round and avenge Myrcella’s death? How will Tyrion get on running Meereen? – I’m thinking he’ll be good, I do love Tyrion. Is Winter finally coming?

And of course, is Jon Snow really dead? I fear that he is. I am not yet over this.

I actually raged at the end of Season 5 over Jon’s stabbing. It made me livid. Always the sign of brilliant TV when you get that emotionally involved with it all, I think. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one raging over that one either.

I watch Game of Thrones on NOW TV, and leading up to season 6, NOW TV is giving fans a chance to find out their own Game of Thrones fate with… #GoTFate. Have you spotted this one on Twitter yet? It’s fun to do, you just tweet @NOWTV with the hashtag #GoTFate to be tweeted back with an animated #GoTFate video – do check it out. If you then share it, you’ll be entered into a prize draw, and one lucky winner will head off to Belfast for a special Game of Thrones experience on set, courtesy of Winterfell Tours, including an exclusive archery experience on set, direwolves encounter, a visit to 20 key film locations and much more. How utterly fabulous is that???! I think I’d explode with excitement!

It would be amazing to visit the locations, which has got me thinking about where I’d most like to see. Winterfell and The Wall, I think. My favourite character is Tyrion, though I’d say I’d have to be House Stark overall. Arya has been feisty from the start and the things that Sansa has gone through, it’s amazing that she’s still fighting. And I guess we’ll have to wait and see what Bran’s been up to…

Will you be watching?

Disclosure: I am a NOW TV blog squad ambassador

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6 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Season 6 is Coming…”

  1. I am soooooo excited too! In my pre-kids days I would have been up watching at 2am tomorrow, but nowadays I will have wait until a more sensible time to watch!
    The characters are brilliant and I like they way it makes you reassess the way you feel about them – such as Jamie and even Cersei after the walk of shame. Thanks for the info about the #GoTFate – off to check it out….

  2. I don’t watch Game of Thrones but I am excited about the new series…lol
    I have tried to watch it a couple of times but can’t get into it…My fella loves it! He is planning to stay up and watch it.

    1. Love that you’re still excited about it! Ah, I know my boy will have me up at 5.30, so I just can’t do it!!

  3. Eeek can’t wait. I was hooked. Not a fan from the start so i was lucky enough to have numerous series to watch back to back. So many story lines going on to keep me interested. Ive heard rumours of what may be happening but i try not to read spoilers etc x

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