My Garden in August

It’s about time I share what’s happening out in my garden this month.

With the weather turning cooler, we haven’t been out there as much, and I am missing it. I’m not as on top of it as I was, so I’ve also quite a lot more weeding to do, a daunting task! Flowers are continuing to bloom, and there’s still plenty of colour out there, mainly pinks and purples…

Garden Aug 14 pink

Garden Aug 14lillies

Garden Aug 14 clematis

Garden Aug 14 fuschia

Garden Aug 14 anemones

Garden Aug 14 Harlow Carr rose

Garden Aug 14 nemesia

Garden Aug 14 minarda

Garden Aug 14 rose

I also see signs of the season ending, with leaves turning orange and brown, and my flower patch all going over, too..

Garden Aug 14 acer

Garden Aug 14 cut flower patch

As well as documenting what’s been happening out in the garden each month here, I’m also keeping my gardening journal. It’s allowing me to chart the changes and make plans for this autumn. I’ve lots of replanting to do, as well as sowing seeds, finding homes for new plants that’ll be arriving soon, along with that mountain of weeding! The problem, I’m finding, is that I like going out there and tending to it when it’s sunny and warm, so these next couple of months I’ll have to adjust to gardening in the cooler, wetter weather, so I will be testing out my gardening mettle!

How’s your garden growing?


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28 thoughts on “My Garden in August”

  1. Its looking good, but yes it’s a challenge getting out in the more interesting weather days isn’t it. But I think once you’ve got a love for something, it stays with you and motivates you through 🙂

    1. Yes, I hope so. I’ve been getting things down while the kids play, but they’re out there less now, so it’s becoming trickier to find the time!

  2. Your pale pink rose is gorgeous! What are the pink flowers on the long stalks (5th photo down)? Your garden to-do list sounds very much like mine at the moment 🙂

    1. Thank you. They’re Japanese Anemones, and are coming back stronger and stronger every year – gorgeous! Yep, much to do out there! x

    1. Thank you. Yes, the autumn colours will be pretty to see, too, and there is still quite a lot blooming out there, thank you x

  3. The weather has been so crazy unpredictable here that I’ve been ducking out to weed but that’s about it. I’ve been buying more flowers for indoors now the builders are outdoors. Still up for a cut flower garden section, I’ve been telling lots of family and friends about your post on how to do it this week!
    Thanks for sharing xx

    1. At least you’ve managed to weed! And thanks so much – nice to think there’ll be more patches cropping up next year! X

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