In The Garden With Daddy

As Boo had had her first full week of school, we decided to keep last weekend low-key, thinking she’d be tired. I have to say, if she was tired, she hid it very well! We spent Saturday in the garden, and then just popped to the local shops on Sunday for a few bits and bobs, and pottered about the house and garden. On Sunday afternoon, I was ironing (I’d love to say I was doing something more interesting, but it is what it is!), when I heard riotous laughter and shrieks coming from the garden. It turns out Daddy was playing horsey and football with them, and they seemed to enjoy it….

garden play 1

garden play

garden play 3

garden play 4

I love seeing them playing with the Husband, especially with things that I’m just no good at! And the squeals of glee coming from them were just precious. No amount of toys are any substitute for Daddy time in the garden.

We tend to have more interesting outings of a weekend, but as it often turns out,Β even the ordinary can be heaps of funΒ for kids.

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38 thoughts on “In The Garden With Daddy”

  1. I love it and you’re absolutely right too. Sometimes it’s just being at home and enjoying time together that counts as much as the grand trips out. Hope the ironing didn’t take too long πŸ™‚

    1. Nope, never too long as I do it load by load – I can’t stand a build up! The giggles were a lovely soundtrack to my chore, though πŸ™‚

  2. Dad’s really come into their own for family fun like this and the children just love it. Us Mums….it’s just a pleasure to watch it all unfold, beats TV any day! Thank you for linking up your garden frolicks with me on Country Kids .

  3. Gorgeous photos of some really special times. Even the ordinary can be special – as you say. I love watching my two with my husband also – such an amazing bond and it’s beautiful to see x

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