My Garden in Early May

I’m becoming obsessed. This gardening thingy is actually becoming a real interest for me. I don’t recognise myself any more. I get excited when I spot plant sales. I have opinions on various flowers and garden design. I often catch myself pondering where the gaps are and what shrubs are needed to fill them. I love seeds and cut flowers, but then want to balance them out with some hardy perennials. When I get into the garden, it’s not about sitting down and enjoying the sun, as it has been up until now, no, I’m thinking about what I can get done out there and I potter about. To have had no interest in this before, it’s a pleasure to now have it blooming (you see what I did there?).

So, I’ve been out there, and taken a few shots to give you a feel for what’s happening.

Boo’s little garden has some very healthy looking strawberries coming back from last year.

strawberry patch

The herb patch I created last summer is doing well. I’ve even been using it this very week, in fact…

herb garden

My sweet peas are in and coming up…

sweet peas

My cut flower patch is nearly all planted now. I’ve a few more seeds that needed to wait until this month to be sown, which I’ll do this weekend. Shoots are appearing….

cut flower shoots

This clematis was pretty much twigs just over a month ago, when we moved it from the old shed…


I’ve a few shoots coming on my newly planted raspberries, and my first ever vegetable patch is now planted with radishes, carrots and peas, and I’ve spied a radish coming!

fruit & veg

And then these are a few of my favourites out there right now…

bleeding heart





And regular readers will know that I love my David Austin roses. I’ve recently bought another one, so I’ve 5 out there now, as well as one out the front, which I’m going to train to go up and around the door. My favourite remains one that I bought last year, a Harlow Carr, which repeats throughout the year, and looks like it’s about to flower again…

Harlow Carr

Everything is coming to life so quickly now. It seems that every day is bringing me fresh signs of growth, and for the first time, I am appreciating it and getting excited by it all. It’s lovely to have something so simple making me so happy, and it certainly feels worth all of the hard work to get us to this stage.

How’s your garden growing?

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40 thoughts on “My Garden in Early May”

  1. Beautiful photos! Looks like it’s all growing very nicely. Love that you are getting interested in gardening, having never been interested before. I’m like that too – with gardening and DIY!

  2. It’s looking amazing Jocelyn, I’d be obsessed too! Love the vibrant colours, and Boo must be thrilled that her strawberries are flowering. Well done you 🙂

  3. Oh I love how it’s something that’s grown on you to become a passion, that’s exactly how I feel too 🙂 Your garden’s looking smashing – I can’t wait to see those big roses in full bloom !

    Thanks for joining in again, this post have given me the warm and fuzzies x

    1. It’s totally happened to me, and I’ve been surprised! So pleased to have given you the warm & fuzzies 😉

  4. I’m the same with plant sales. There’s one on my village this weekend, hooray! I noticed you have golden oregano, doesn’t it smell amazing? It’s crazy how quickly clematis grow once the weather gets warm enough. Lovely photos!

  5. I know what you mean, this is our first year with a garden and I love going out there and pottering about! I think I’ll make some time for sunbathing too though, when it’s warm enough!

    1. The herb garden is a fab little addition, and I do love having sweet peas to cut to have gorgeous smelling flowers in the kitchen over the summer.

  6. Ah your doing so good. We have radishes appearing too. I’m trying to make more of an effort with the garden this year, especially now my little man is at nursery and I have a little more time.

  7. How wonderful to see the signs of your hard work starting to pay off. Growing fruit and vegetables is so rewarding (although I’ve never been so disappointed by unsuccessful attempts as I am in gardening!)

  8. Aww your garden is looking lovely! Great to hear how much you are enjoying it too! I’m starting to recognise a few plants and I have been enjoying choosing them… but I am nowhere near at your level yet. I think I would enjoy it more but for the pelvis issues, which make it really difficult to actually do anything myself at the mo. Maybe once number 2 is born and grown a bit I will be as much in love with the gardening as you are! At the mo I have to delegate to hubby a lot hehe xx #hdygg

  9. Jocelyn your garden is beautiful. Love the bluebells and the other flowers that this rookie doesn’t know the name but can appreciate their beauty nevertheless. Lovely space to be in I bet. #HDYGG

  10. It’s looking lovely! I’m just starting to get interested in gardening too, I’m eagerly awaiting my plant delivery so we can get some colour out there. I really want to try and get more herbs and veggies out there too, I love the strawberries you have! Lucas has a garden space but it’s only flowers in there at the moment!

  11. Love Boos garden. we are so fortunate to have a great garden. Having three young children, I have fallen out of love,with it. I can just see more work and not the fun side. This has been very inspirational – to see someone falling in love with their garden. Hopefully it is catching….

  12. It’s all looking wonderful Jocelyn, and it’s lovely to hear how much you’re enjoying it. I love hearing about your ideas, give me some inspiration, although with a house move on the cards, I’m not doing much just at the moment 🙂

  13. It’s great when the gardening bug gets you. I grew up immersed in gardening as my father is a keen vegetable grower and I was taken to garden centres every weekend. When I first for my house at 23, I became garden obsessed and still am today. I love David Austin Roses too, the best ones 🙂

    1. You see, my mum has always been a keen gardener and has tried to entice me i before, but I’ve ignored her! Until now, and now whenever we get together, we’re excitedly discussing plants!

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