My Garden in October

I knew that this would happen now, but it still leaves me feeling a bit sad. I’ve lost my gardening addiction. I’m quite sure it’ll bloom again next spring, but I feel a little bereft without it. I spent last weekend doing a little tidy up, bothย front and back, but I wasn’t happily humming whilst I did it, I just wanted to get it done. That is more than I’d normally bother with by now, I guess. The back garden was an extra room of the home throughout the summer, and I’d be out there every single day seeing what was flowering and what needed doing. Now I just look out and see dampness and leaves that I need to rake. Ah well, instead of lamenting, I should enjoy the colour that I have got, as I did ensure I planted a few things to brighten the garden over these coming months, and I can look forward to spring, safe in the smug knowledge that I planted loads of bulbs back when it was warm.

Here’s what’s happening now…

The tree’s changing colours tell me it’s is autumn….


The dahlias are still going strong….

pompom dahlia


I have sedums like this dotted about the garden, and they bring vibrancy to teh dampness….


I have pretty little viola pansies in clumps and patches, and they all look happy!

viola pansy

We saw some callicarpa in a garden centre last year, so wanted to get them ready for our garden this year, and the bright purple berries are now out…


My acer has turned a beautiful bright red…


And there are so many different shades on the leaves…

leaf shades

I knew that I was a fair weather gardener, but I’ve been a little surprised by how much not getting out there is troubling me. Not enough to actually go outside, though! How about you? Are you out there through all seasons?


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27 thoughts on “My Garden in October”

  1. you still have such great color in your garden Jocelyn! and i love those purple berries. i hear you, it has to be hard to want to garden with the seasons changing now. i am excited about our garden again after months of being over it.

  2. I’ve not been in the garden as much lately, partly because it’s so soggy and I’ve also taken out most of the finished veggie plants so there is much less to do. I bought some pansies too, they add a bit of colour which is nice. Lovely photos of all your shades of green.

  3. I know what you mean. I don’t mind getting out in the winter-as long as it’s dry and bright! I do find it less inspiring in the dampness especially. Mind you, now we have the allotment to plan for, I’m hoping a bit more inspiration and enthusiasm comes my way ๐Ÿ™‚
    You still have a lot of colour and with those hundreds of bulbs you planted, Spring will be glorious!

  4. I was an avid gardening before motherhood then it took a back seat to exhaustion and a worn out back but recently we have all been getting back out there again and I had forgotten how much I love it. Your post really resonates with these feelings.
    I love the shades and tones of your leaves!

    1. I’ve gotten into in the last year or so and I’m really missing it now that it’s cold and wet out there! Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I’m definitely a fair weather gardener, although the leaves in New England in the Fall keep me going well into winter ๐Ÿ™‚ Half of my garden currently resembles a mud bath, so I risk sliding into a muddy hole if I go too close… that’s my excuse anyway! You still have so much beautiful colour in your garden, the dahlias are gorgeous x #HDYGG

  6. I am a terrible fairweather gardner! I have a lot of shrubs so in that respect there isn’t much to do in the actual garden. Once the veggies have gone from the greenhouse I leave it until spring. Your garden still has some absolutley beautiful colours in it. So many trees!

  7. I’ve never seen callicarpa before, that color is gorgeous! And those dahlias are stunning! I admire everyone who gardens. I really want to be a gardener, but the heat here kills me in the summer, so after any spring plantings, I usually just end up letting it all go. But I’m still trying to find ways to change that. Hopefully one day I shall!

    1. We spotted one for the first time last year and just loved it! Nice to have the bright purple out there. I can imagine how hard it’d be in all of that heat, though x

    1. Yes, they’re still going strong out there! But yes, a frost will no doubt say goodbye to most of my colour. Thank you for noseying!

  8. I really cant tell if I am a seasonal gardener as I only have potted plants. But I still love to look at my pots. I so love the colors in your garden! Still hanging on in there. My plants are either just branches or with leaves that are yellowish =P #hdygg

  9. Ah Jocelyn! I must admit I had a real spurt in the garden a couple of months ago and it’s petered off now the builders are here – but there’s still jobs I could be doing if I just had the enthusiasm! As soon as the evenings start getting darker earlier I just want to chop logs and light the fire, make stews and don wooly socks.Odd really as I love getting outdoors still – just not gardening!
    Thanks for joining in again x

    1. I am just the same! I’m happy to spend the weekends outside with the kids, just not gardening! And yes, woolly socks are on! Thanks for hosting x

  10. Hopefully your lovely dahlias and sedums can be spied from indoors so you can still enjoy them! I think it’s natural to not want to garden so much as the weather turns and perhaps is an inbuilt way if nature’s to get the plants through the winter by toughening them up… ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. I got all of this colour, apart from the acer, planted ready this year as I remember thinking how drab the garden looked last autumn and became determined to change that! yes, I love the callicarpa, so pretty x

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