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I nearly called this post garden ideas, but then that felt a little misleading as I’m not quite at the ‘ideas’ stage.

We started Project Garden a couple of summers ago now, and we’ve made plenty of progress. We now have our wildlife garden, we’ve removed a shed and made room for some fruit and a patch of garden that is the kids to tend, and I have my beloved cut-flower patch. I have acquired more and more roses, and I’d like to think I’ll get a few more, too, which leads me to my ponderings…

We’ve an area at the top of the garden that needs developing. It’s the only part of the garden that is unfinished and messy, and at the moment, it’s handily hidden from view as our buddleia is in full bloom. I mean, it’s served us well so far, but I look at it and see potential, and having been browsing for garden inspiration, I’m now trying to decide what to do with it.

back of the garden

It’s basically a pathway to the shed currently, which does feel a waste of space to me.

We had a wooden slatted structure over it, which was here when we moved in, and it’s finally blown down in the winds this year, leaving us with lots of posts to get rid of. We also need a new shed as ours is on it’s last legs now. And as you can see, the brushwood we put across the back fence has started to come away, too, so is in need of replacing. So we will soon be hiring a skip to tidy all of this up, and we’re likely to put the new shed on the same site as the old one. The kids trampoline need not be there, as it was on the lawn anyway until the pagoda-thingy collapsed.

I like the idea of an archway over the little path through to the area. This is also, of course, a good excuse for getting another rose to climb up it, and I’m then thinking a jasmine, too. Both would smell so beautiful and look very pretty. So I have an archway through, but then what? The floor is all cemented in bricks, which I imagine would take some work to dig up. Though if we are going to do it, with the skip coming, the timing is right. I like the idea of a little seating area, but to be honest, it’s an area of the garden that never gets any sunlight and always feels a bit gloomy to me. Maybe pots and ornaments to pretty it up? Or could it be more useful in some way?

Any and all ideas will be very welcome!

Disclosure: Written in collaboration with Homify

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2 thoughts on “Garden Ponderings”

  1. Ooh, that corner has a look of potential!
    I’d be inclined to (if those posts remaining in the ground are secure) to put an egg hanging chair up, dig those bricks up and then bark chip the area. Make a lovely little hidey-hole if you fancied a quiet read in the garden.
    Around the borders and up against the back wall, I’d have butterfly and bee loving fast-growing plants and different coloured buddleia.
    Alternatively you could use it as the guinea pigs’ summer area, ours are outside in their hutch and really enjoy getting the fresh grass cuttings and nibbly ripe fruit.
    Look forward to reading what you decide to do x

    1. Lovely ideas, thanks so much. I doubt the posts are secure to be honest, as the others all rotted and came down. I can still pop a comfy chair there, though. You’ve given me food for thought, thanks x

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