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Firstly, thanks to those of you who joined in with last month’s Instagram challenge, it was fun to do, and as always I loved seeing everyone’s interpretations on the daily prompts. Any excuse to peer at lots of pretty paper and I’m there!

September already, and with the start of a new month, we have a new Bring Back Paper activity – hooray!

This one is being totally driven by my own insatiable desire for getting organised at the moment. With balancing the home, Little Man’s classes and needs, Boo’s return to school, her upcoming birthday party to arrange, my ever-increasing blog work and my OU degree studies, I know I need to be well-organised to make it through unscathed! With organisation will always come paper where I’m concerned, so I’ve been spending time perusing planners and flipping through filofaxes. Naturally some have been purchased, some have been pinned and more are being researched. What I have yet to do is actually use them to get myself organised, which is where the challenge comes in.

I’ve got 2 new planners, both are still blank, both are begging for me to use them. I know I want another, too, something like a Filofax or Kikki K planner – still researching! Here are the two I have and need to get going with..

Weekly Planner from Zazzle

Paris Planner

The big one’s from Zazzle, the smaller folder from TK Maxx.

I’m thinking of using the big one for household, meal planning, to-dos that sort of thing. The small one for uni work? Still considering it.

So for this month’s activity, I’m encouraging you to get organised with paper, too, and please share it with us. Whether it be to-do lists, or how you use your planners, diaries and schedules, I want to see it. Share photos over on my Facebook page, tweet me, Instagram it, blog it – whatever suits, but please help to inspire me, and as I suspect many of us would benefit from a little organisation, inspire others, too. To ensure we can all find you, use the #BringBackPaper hash tag. Even if you don’t want to share the pictures, just get involved by doing it, and let me know how you’re getting on – it will keep me motivated, so I’m thanking you now in advance.

Are you up for it?

My Planner Love Pinterest board can be found here, if you’d like to follow for ideas, and if you’d like to be added to it, just ask and I’ll invite you to Pin there, too. Look out for planner posts in the near future as I further explore, and if you’re a purveyor of planners and would like to feature, do feel free to get in touch.

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10 thoughts on “Get Organised!”

  1. I keep finding amazing planners but most are really expensive to ship from America or similar! However, my new Happy Planner just came yesterday (another American one but by Me and my big ideas) which I managed to get for not too much. I am loving it so much. I also love the Simplified Planner and Day Designer but until they’re more easily available over here or cheaper to ship that’s just not happening!
    Love the Pinterest board 🙂

    1. Yes, I’ve found that, too. Having seen your planner on IG, I’ll definitely be checking it out, thanks for sharing 🙂

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