Get Papery In 2022!

You know how much I love papery hobbies. I think I’ve made that clear, right?! Today I want to share some inspiration with you to get papery in 2022, or if you’re a regular #BringBackPaper reader, to get more papery in 2022.

Papery hobbies are good for you, I firmly believe that. They allow you to switch off, to get creative, to focus on you, to connect and to simply enjoy yourself. They are fun to do, and we can see from Bring Back Paper, there’s also the bonus of a lovely paper-loving community to chat with and celebrate all things papery with. 

The question is, how will you choose to get papery, or more papery, next year? Here are a few suggestions for you…

Read more

I’ve said ‘more’ as this could mean very different things to you.

It might be you’ve not read a book this year and you are keen to get back into the reading habit, or you want to start it up.

You might have read a handful, and would like to read more next year. You might want to set aside more time for this hobby, or perhaps you already read quite a lot but would love to read more. There can never be too many books, right?!

Set yourself a target, whether that be a number of books, a genre you want to try or a time each day or week that you want to use for reading. 

If you’re looking for motivation or inspiration to stick with this one, we do have book readalongs here every month.

Join in with us each time and you will have read 12 books over the course of the year and you can be sure of a mix of genres and you don’t even need to think about what to read next. 

Give scrapbooking a go

This isn’t one I’ve tried before so I think I’ll add this to my list for next year.

I did have a wonderful guest blogger share how to create your first scrapbooking layout, so you could use that to get started and then see where it takes you. 

Join our Bring Back Paper Patreon memberships

Our memberships are all about paper!

You’ll have new paper to print every month, activities to join in with and there are several happy mail options.

There are several membership options, so take a look and then you can decide which one would be a best fit for you. You can then begin a new papery journey in 2022!

Bring Back Paper Memberships

Start a bullet journal

If this has been something you’ve been tempted to try for a while now, make 2022 the year you give it a whirl.

I shared getting started with a bullet journal a few years ago now, when I started mine, and I’ve never looked back.

I can’t even imagine not having a bullet journal now, it’s so much a part of my days.

My daughter has expressed an interest in starting one, so this will be her 2022 papery hobby!

Spend time colouring

This is such a relaxing hobby and super easy to get going with.

Adult colouring books seem to be everywhere now, so pick up one or two that you like the look of, get some pencils or pens and get colouring!

Try Brush Lettering

I dip in and out out of brush lettering and calligraphy. I find when I do spend time on it, I really enjoy it, so I do need to do it more!

My husband enjoys this, it’s his papery hobby, so I shared getting started with brush lettering based on his experiences and product recommendations.

I did also attend a modern calligraphy workshop a while back, and shared my tips and experiences in this post, if you’d rather try that. 

My advice? Try both!

Send happy mail

You can take this one on at so many different levels. You could start small or go big and send mail all the time!

You might just begin by sending cheery notes or parcels to friends and family. You could look into getting yourself a pen pal or two. You might then find that one or two pen pals becomes several by the end of the year. You could join in with our monthly activities here. You could look at joining in with Postcrossing

There are so many ways to get going with this one, or if you already are, you might choose to do more of it next year. 

Keep a gratitude journal

If you’ve never tried this before, it’s a great one to kick off your new year with. 

I shared how to get yourself started with gratitude practices and a journal, and this can be something you do exclusively or you can build it into your existing journaling habits. Or perhaps you’ll start a bullet journal and include this within that, that’s how I do this. 

Taking time each day to stop and recognise those small moments that you are grateful for can give your mental health a huge boost. 

The notebook challenge

And finally, a fun challenge to try. 

If you’re anything like me, you will have one or two (OK, OK, more like one or two dozen!) empty notebooks lying around. Make 2022 the year you challenge yourself to give them a purpose and actually use them!

I shared lots of different ways to use notebooks, which should offer you some inspiration and help you to get started with this one. Good luck!


Hopefully this has given you a few ideas of things you might like to try next year. Or it might have reminded you to do a little more. 

Whatever you choose to do next year, make it a papery one!

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