Get The Perfect Window Shade, With Made To Measure Blinds

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For many of us, our window shades can often be an afterthought when we decorate our homes, as we just pop to our local Dunelm or IKEA to get a pre-made curtain or blind that matches our décor, so we can simply hang it up over our windows and get the job done.

Anyone who has ever bought some pre-made shades will tell you they’re a quick and easy solution, but quick and easy solutions aren’t often the best solution! With pre-cut shades, the odds are that the sizings will be a tad awkward, either being a tad too small for your windows, or a tad too bit which causes them to look very awkward. 

With pre-made shades, you also run into issues once they’ve been up a while, as the colour gets quickly bleached out of the fabric by the sun, the fabric begins to fray after use, or in the case of cheap pre-made roller blinds, they may start to droop as the cheap roller barrel can’t hold the weight of the fabric much longer.

You can always side-step those pesky issues by spending a little bit more time and a little bit more money on a good set of made to measure blinds, which will fit perfectly and generally be more durable as they’re not made to be as cheap as possible!

So, how can you go about buying a new set of made to measure blinds or curtains to replace your tired old pre-made shades?

Step 1: Find a Made To Measure Shades Retailer

The first step on your journey to new perfectly fitting window shades, is to find a retailer who can make them for you, we’d recommend who were kind enough to collaborate with us for today’s post.

Step 2: Measure Your Windows

It seems obvious to say, but once you’ve found a supplier, the first thing you need to do when ordering a new set of cut to size shades is measure your windows. This will give you the size you need to order your new shades to, ensuring they have a perfect fit.

If your new blinds will be going within your window’s recess, just simply measure the recess side-to-side and top-to-bottom to get your measurements.

If your new blinds will be hanging over your windows, just measure the size of the window and add a few extra CM to the width and height to make sure you have some overlap.

(While these measuring tips are generally correct, be safe and check with the retailer’s specific measuring instructions)

Step 3: Find Your Blind & Order Samples

Now that you have a supplier lined up and your measurements on hand, it’s time to look for your new set of window blinds. Have a look through your supplier’s collection and see what blinds take your fancy and build up a little shortlist of what blinds you think would work well with your home’s décor.

Once you have a few blinds lined up, go ahead and order some free samples, so that you can see how the fabrics would look in your home and make sure they mesh well with the décor of the room.

Step 4: Order Your New Blinds

Once you’ve had your samples and chosen what blind you want for your home, just simply visit the retailer’s website or give them a call to place your order for new made-to-measure window blinds.

After you’ve placed your order, just put your feet up for a few days while it is made to your exact specifications and delivered directly to your door.

Step 5: Install Your New Blinds

A few days after placing your order, your new blinds will be delivered to you and all that’s left to do is follow the retailer’s instructions and fit your new blinds in the window!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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