Get Your Body Moving…Even When It’s Cold And Dark Outside

When the weather turns darker and colder, the urge to hibernate strikes! I know it, I understand it, I have been there. 

We all know we need to keep fit, it can just be so hard to do when you’re busy, the evenings are dark when you finish work or perhaps you’re struggling to find things that are free or inexpensive when finances are tight. On top of that, maybe you’re not feeling good to start with and getting moving seems really daunting. 

I get it! I’ve been there. Over the years I’ve learned what works for me and what doesn’t. The things that work for me personally are the things I can most easily fit into my days, are very flexible on timings and that I look forward to. Perhaps take a moment to work out what does and doesn’t work for you based on past experience. This should give you a good starting point. 

Of course I am very motivated to keep my body moving these days as I need to keep myself fit to mitigate against the effects of my medication and reduce my chances of cancer recurrence. It means that getting my body moving is a very high priority for me and it’s something I will always make time for.

These are my go-to ways to keep myself fit, and I am a big fan of mixing things up so I have plenty of variety in my exercise. I enjoy the first three things on this list throughout the week now, changing things up each day, and when my body is able, I’ll be mixing in the other two things too. I hope this offers you a few ideas….

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This one’s super easy as you don’t need anything at all, just yourself!

I enjoy yoga as I feel like it’s supporting my mind as well as my body. I do feel better after a session and it’s so easy to fit into your life.

This one can take you ten minutes a day or an hour a day, it’s completely up to you, and you’ll likely vary it each time. You needn’t leave the house, you can just pop a video on and get going. 

I wrote start yoga this week a while back with super easy tips to get started straightaway.

I have this yoga mat if you’re looking for recommendations and are keen to get started with this. I bought it 6 years ago now and I’m still very happy with it.


I know, I know, the weather doesn’t always tempt us with this one, but it’s great for your body and your mind so push yourself to get out there.

If you work from home, take a walk at lunchtime. If you’re out at work all day, make a walk into a sociable thing and meet a friend at the weekend or of an evening. If you have a dog, they’ll make sure you walk!

I’ve shared here before that I enjoy taking part in the Conqueror Challenges, virtual walks/runs/swims/cycles/whatever you want them to be!

I’ve stuck with these since I found them so am always motivated to walk. I’m currently walking the Nakasendo Trail and then I’m using my other exercise to complete the Flower Route. 


I’m relatively new to weights, but I was keen to give it a go as I know I need to work on building up my bone density to try to balance out the medication I’m on. 

It’s already something that I love to do and find it easy to fit into my days.

You can make up your own routines, but I like to follow along with a YouTube video as I find it more motivating and it means I needn’t keep count as they do it for me.

I enjoy Juice and Toya and they have plenty of videos to choose from, a mix of dumbbells, cardio, HIIT and more. 

I have this dumbbell tower and it’s perfect for my needs. 

Exercise Equipment

This one will be completely personal to you and your preferences. And the space you have available.

We don’t have much space available so I wanted something that I could fold or stand to keep it out of the way. 

For me, it was always going to be a rowing machine as that’s always been my favourite piece of equipment at the gym. It’s also a great all body workout.

I have been hit and miss with this one lately, simply due to my own recovery and healing as it can be uncomfortable. But when I do use it, I love it!

It’s easy to fly through workouts with this as I pop it in front of the TV and watch lovely Disneyland vlogs whilst I row.

This is the rowing machine I have and I’m hoping to spend many more hours on it soon!

Pick A Sport

Was there a sport that you loved when you were younger that you’ve left behind you? Could you get back into it now?

Or maybe you’ve never really found one that you enjoy, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, keep looking!

Your local leisure centre is a great place to start or ask your friends as they might be doing something now.

For me, it’s badminton. I played it all through my teens and have dipped back into it here and there as an adult. 

The plan is to get back to the court when I feel my body is ready for it, and my son’s very keen for me to teach him how to play so I already have a willing opponent! 

I’m hoping this has given you a few ideas and even if the choices I’ve shared here aren’t quite your cup of tea, maybe I’ve inspired another idea along the way. 

This post contains affiliate links

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